Thursday, February 1, 2024

Defend your neighborhood, homestead, or survival retreat

By Tim Gamble

Wondering how to defend your neighborhood, homestead, or retreat once SHTF? Here are three books that will explain the basic skills you will need:

1)  By David Kobler (SouthernPrepper1): Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics - Teaches you (the inexperienced civilian) the tools you need to put together a basic security plan for your homestead, neighborhood, or group retreat to keep the wolves at bay. Learn from US Army veteran David Kobler and preparedness author Mark Goodwin how to secure the people and property that matter to you.

2)  Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills, Level 1 - This US Army Manual describes all the basic skills and tasks expected of a private in the US military. Many of these are the tasks that will be required to provide security at your homestead, neighborhood, or group retreat.

3)  US Army Small Unit Tactics Handbook An overview of all relevant topics of small unit tactics every soldier ought to be familiar with in order to be effective on today's battlefield. The handbook is categorized into five functional areas; history, doctrine, planning, operations, and common skills.

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