Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Wag The Dog - China Balloons, Extraterrestrials, or Joe & Hunter Biden

By Tim Gamble

I want to give due credit to Viking Preparedness (patreon channel) and Bear Independent (patreon channel). They both have posted videos this week to their respective patreon channels, expressing similar thoughts to what I am going to write about in this article. I'll claim "great minds think alike," but really it might just be "suspicious minds think alike." We'll see. 

I learned along time ago to question official narratives, especially when the media, government officials, and other "experts" all start talking about the same thing, in the same way, often using the exact same words and phrases. Maybe it is a "false flag" created by them. Or maybe it is a real event, and they aren't going to "let a good crisis go to waste." I think we may be experiencing something like that now.

After the China Spy Balloon fiasco (a real event), where the spy balloon was allowed to traverse the entire USA and complete its spy mission before finally being shot down, we suddenly experienced a wave of other mysterious objects, referred to by all as UFOs, floating across North America. We don't know exactly what they are (at least the public hasn't been told), and we have politicians, media folks, late night comedians, and even our military generals refusing to rule out an "extraterrestrial" origin

Pure BS! It isn't ET, Chewbacca or Spock. It may be smaller Chinese spy balloons with different mission parameters (which explains their smaller size, lower altitudes, different payloads from the bigger balloon), and they are planting the idea of UFOs/aliens as a distraction. Or it may be false flags being put up by our Deep State as a distraction. I don't know which it is, and ultimately it doesn't matter. 
What are they trying to distract us from? This is the important question. Here are a few news stories, all deeply embarrassing to the ruling class, that were finally starting to gain some traction in the mainstream media, but now are out of the news cycle, and therefore out of the minds of the general public: 

** Joe Biden's problems with his classified documents, as well as Hunter Biden's laptop troubles.

** The government's unconstitutional and illegal use of Twitter (and other social media/Big Tech companies) to suppress the free speech of Americans.

** Lots of otherwise healthy people dying unexpectedly after receiving Covid vaccines, and official reports from governments around the world of unexplainable (expect by the vaccines), excessive deaths. (Click here for good videos on this by Dr. John Campbell, and if you haven't seen the Died Suddenly documentary, click here to watch it for free with no registration required.) ).

I wonder what else they are trying to distract us from? 

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