Monday, May 18, 2020

Greece: Muslim Refugees Trash Orthodox Church, Now Use It as a Toilet

5-18-2020 - The Saint Catherine Church on the small Greek island of Lesvos was vandalized and trashed earlier this year by Muslim refugees. Now, the Greek news media is reporting that the Muslim refugees are regularly using the church as a toilet. The stench coming from the church is described as "unbearable."

The metropolitan of Mytilene, whose jurisdiction Saint Catherine Church falls under, has refused public comment on the situation. Speculation in the Greek media is the he is fearful of Muslim retaliation. 

Lesvos is a small island of about 90,000 Greek residents. However, they host a Muslim refugee population of about 50,000. Numerous churches on the island have been vandalized by the refugees, threats have been made against Orthodox clergy, and police have been the target of Muslim harassment. In the latest incidents against police, Muslim refugees have begun intentionally coughing on police officers during the current coronavirus pandemic.


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