Friday, May 1, 2020

Egypt: Christian Woman Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam

5-1-2020 - It has become almost commonplace in Egypt for Christian women to be kidnapped and forced by their captors to convert to Islam. Often, these new "converts" are then forced to marry Muslim men. It is difficult to rescue these women, as police and government officials often turn a blind eye the situation, and have even been known to harrass and intimidate the Christian families that report the kidnappings. Egypt is an overwhelmingly Muslim country with about 95% of the population being Muslim, and 5% mostly Coptic Christian.

In the most recent incident, a Christian woman, Rania Abd al-Meseh, was kidnapped on April 23rd by two veiled women in Monufia Governorate.  A video began circulating three days later of Rania announcing that she has converted to Islam. The video has been met with alarm by several Christians, who observe that her body language during the video appears that she is under great stress and saying the words under duress.

Rania is the mother of three daughters and her social media shows frequent posting of Christian material. Her brother Remon told local media that, “My sister was wearing the cross necklace and left home. So if she was wanting to convert to Islam, she would have left the necklace home.”

Rania remains in captivity, and family members have not seen or talked with her since the kidnapping. Police are not investigating.


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