Thursday, April 25, 2019

Anti-Christian Persecution Sharply Increasing Across the Globe

By Tim Gamble

Anti-Christian Persecution Sharply Increasing Across the Globe
You've heard about the Sri Lanka Church Bombings on Easter, killing over 300 Christians and injuring another 500. What you might not realize is that particular event is only the tip of the iceberg of anti-Christian persecution and genocide sweeping across the globe.  Just take a look at some of the headlines over the last 30 days:
Altough the fire that destroyed Notre Dame was apparently an accident of some sort according to French authorities, there has been a rash of arson attacks, vandalism, and desecration of holy statues throughout France, with at least 47 such such incidents since February alone and over 800(!) since January 2018 (see Article 1, Article 2, and  Article 3).

In recent months, Orthodox Christians have been increasingly targeted in Turkey with vandalism and threats, with local authorities refusing to intervene. 

West Africa, including the nations of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger have seen sharp increases in Muslim violence against Christians this year.

The continuing genocide of Christians in Nigeria continues to go unreported in the Western mainstream media, with with as many as 70,000 Christians murdered by Muslims in the last 18 years, and at least  2,000,000 Christians displaced from their homes. The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED), reports that a total of 2,480 Christians were killed in 2018 alone, and records maintained by (TROP) show 770 killed so far this year. 

All the above mentioned events are only a portion of the persecution and genocide against Christians occurring globally, and the persecution is sharply increasing. Even though Christians are by far the most persecuted group of peoples in the world, persecution and genocide of Christians is rarely reported in the Western mainstream media. This is largely because the two primary persecutors - Muslims and Communists - are "protected' classes within leftist ideology, while Christians are often considered problematic at best, or actually despised at worst. Thus, mainstream journalists usually turn a blind eye to the plight of Christians around the world. 

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