Monday, January 22, 2024

Study: Vast Majority of Urban Elites Favor Strict Rationing and Less Freedoms For Average Americans

By Tim Gamble

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity (TCUP) recently released a shocking study on the attitudes of urban elites regarding issues such a climate change and individual freedoms. In the study, urban elites are defined as people living in high density population areas, with at least one post-graduate degree, and making at least $150,000 a year.   

According to the study:
  • Over 67% favor strict rationing of energy, gas, meat, and other food resources to fight climate change.
  • Up to 67% favor banning SUVs, gas stoves, air conditioning, and non-essential air travel to protect the environment.
  • 67% say educational professionals, not parents, should decide what and how children are taught.
  • 60% say that that average Americans enjoy too much individual freedoms. 

Additionally, the study found that:
  • 84% of urban elites give Joe Biden a favorable job rating as President.
  • 70% trust government bureaucrats to “do the right thing."
  • A large majority trust and have a favorable opinion of lawyers (78%), politicians (67%), and mainstream journalists (79%).
The bottom line of this study really is the divide between those at the top of current system, who are personally doing very well, and the rest of America. 

Any coming civil war will not be state against state, or even region against region. It will the the urban elites vs the rest of America. Right now, the urban elites have the money, the power, and the influence. 

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