Monday, October 23, 2023

R42 Fighting Back Against Leftist "Fact-Checkers"

Resistance 42

By Tim Gamble

As I have stressed many times before, we are in an information war. Our enemy seeks to control knowledge, information, and the "narrative." They largely control academia, the mainstream media, the scientific and medical peer-review process, and most social media and Big Tech companies (Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc.), among many others. But this level of control is not enough for them. 

One of the ways they seek to extend their control into areas beyond their direct control is the us of "Fact Checkers." These fact-checkers are created, funded, and controlled by the Left, and have been shown repeatedly to by highly biased in their fact-checking. One of the worst of these faqct-checkers, in my opinion, is known as "NewsGuard."

Prager U. released a video today exposing NewsGuard. I've watched it and highly recommend you do, too. You can watch the six-minute long video for yourself on the Prager U. website at

You will also have the opportunity to get more information on NewsGuard(click the Facts and Sources button under the video) and to sign a petition
against it.

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