Thursday, January 12, 2023

Dr. Robert W. Malone On The Need To Build Alternative Systems

By Tim Gamble

"We have to build alternate systems.  I don't think we can stop them, but we can chose not buy their food, take their drugs or mRNA vaccines. We can chose to not use their "health care providers."  We can be our own - independent people outside of their hellscape." -- Dr. Robert W. Malone, MD, in a tweet made on Jan. 11, 2023

In a discussion on Twitter regarding mRNA vaccines in livestock and companion animals (yes, they are real and happening), Dr. Robert Malone made a brilliant suggestion. "We have to build alternative systems" (full quote above).  

YES! I could not agree more with Dr. Malone. Because, frankly, I have been saying that for at least the last eight years. In fact, I have gone far beyond Dr. Malone's advice to build alternative agricultural and healthcare systems. I have been saying we need to get out of the worldly system altogether. Not just get out of the world's food and healthcare systems, but out of its education, entertainment, financial, and every other worldly system. This includes the modern worldly Church. 

This starts with developing self-reliance through preparedness, as I pointed out in a recent article on my Dystopian Survival website: Preparedness - More Important Than You Think. Basically, the more prepared and self-reliant we are as individuals, families, and communities, the less we need government and the world's Elites. This is the start of removing their power and control.

I've written many other articles on building alternatives to worldly ways and systems. Here are just a few:
These articles are relatively long and detailed, with lots of ideas and food for thought. Please read them as you have time, if you haven't already. If you think they are worthy, please pass them on to others by posting links on social media, or emailing the links to people you know. Dr. Malone's idea of alternative systems is our only real hope in fighting the global elites. I'm glad I thought of it first. 😎 


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