Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Stop The Madness! Keep Cash Alive!!

By Tim Gamble  

The Cashless Society is coming, where there will be no paper money, and we will all be forced to do all our financial transactions digitally. Going cashless is very bad idea for many reasons. Keeping cash alive has many benefits. 

Why Is Going Cashless a Bad Idea?
  • Loss of privacy, as government, banks, and corporations will be able to monitor and track every purchase and every deposit you make.
  • Government will know who is buying guns, ammo, body armor, and other survival/prepper supplies. Makes future confiscation easier.
  • Government know who is buying and stockpiling food. Makes future confiscation easier.
  • Forces all charitable donations, including religious tithes and donations, to go through the digital system, allowing government to track and even regulate such donations.
  • Remember the IRS scandal where Tea Party and Conservative organizations were targeted? 
  • Moves us a large-step closer to a consolidated, one-world government.
  • Forces individuals to be bank customers, even in a negative interest rate environment. 
  • Forces individuals who use cash envelope systems for budgeting and personal debt management to quit using those systems, and become bank customers instead.
  • Government will have the total ability to restrict your spending of your money. Possible examples: restricting meat purchases in the name of climate change, restricting medical services if you don't have the jab, restricting travel if you don't have the jab, or even "cancelling" you from your money if you post "misinformation" about stolen elections or make a "trans-phobic" claim that minors shouldn't have their genitals cut off. Starting to see the power grab, yet? 
  •  No more cash-only side jobs. No more cash transactions at flea markets, yard sales, etc. 
  • No more cash for anything...

For more information on this topic:

1) The Keep Cash Alive page on the Global Walkout website.


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