Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine's Day in "Moderate" Muslim Indonesia...

Sharia Law bans celebrations of the holiday, and Religious Police crackdown on immorality, arrest unmarried couples.

By Timothy Gamble

2-14-2020 -Westerners tend to think of Indonesia as a "moderate" Muslim country, but a quick look at Valentine's Day in Indonesia exposes the truth. 

Celebrations of  Valentine's Day are banned under Sharia Law. Government officials have warned people against "public displays of affection." restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other businesses have been issued warnings not promote the holiday. Police in several cities have announced crackdowns on "immorality." Reports are now coming out of Indonesia of Valentine's Day raids by police on hotels, restaurants, and other public venues, arresting unmarried couples. 

At least two dozen unmarried couples were arrested earlier today in the city of Makassar, according to press reports. In the city of Depok, students have been warned against "Valentine's Day romance" and threatened with unspecified "penalties" if they do. In the city of Surabaya, Muslim students were encouraged to take part in anti-Valentine's Day rallies. In the province of Aceh, government officials have encouraged clerics to deliver speeches today on the danger of Valentine's Day.

Indonesia is 88% Muslim and 10% Christian.
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