Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Why You Should Include a Cotton Pillowcase In Your Bug-Out Bag

Here's a piece of gear for your bug-out bag that I rarely hear recommended: a cotton pillowcase. Why a cotton pillowcase? Lightweight and not taking up much space, a cotton pillowcase has a myriad of potential uses in a survival situation.

1- Makes an instant bag for collecting wild edibles, kindling for your fire, or anything else you for which you need a good size bag.

2- Can be used to pre-filter water to remove bugs, leaves, stems, algae, and other rubbish before boiling or otherwise treating it.

3- Can be cut into large (or small) bandages, or fashioned into a sling, for first aid.

4- Can be cut into patches to repair clothing (a small sewing kit is a good idea for a bug-out bag).

5- Can be cut into pieces to use as reusable toilet paper (just boil to clean/disinfect before reusing). 

6- Can be fashioned into a reusable diaper (just boil to clean/disinfect before reusing). 

7- Cotton burns, so it can be used in fire making (it also makes for excellent char cloth).   

8- Can be pressed into use as a dust- or smoke-mask.

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  1. 9) For winter survival, fill the pillow case with snow and hang it over a pot near your fire. The heat from the fire will melt the snow and fill the pot with water. The snow and water will keep the cotton from burning.
    10) Use rolled-up small strips to make a wick for a lantern. Fill a tin or small canning jar with oil, Crisco, or fat, punch a hole in the lid, feed the wick through and allow the oil to wet thoroughly. Light and trim.
    11) Tourniquet. Roll it up, wrap it around the limb above the wound, tie a square knot, put a stick between the loop and the limb and tighten until the bleeding stops. Tie off the stick to keep it from coming loose and write down the time you applied the tourniquet.
    12) Shemagh - cover your head to prevent sunburn.
    13) defensive weapon. Put a couple stones, a bar of soap or some D cell batteries in there and swing away. A couple whacks should dissuade evil doers.
    14) Signalling a rescue helicopter. Put a small weight in the pillow case. Tie a rope or twine to the other end and swing it over your head like a helicopter main rotor. Increases your visibility to anyone flying overhead.

    I've kept a pillow case in my 3 day bag for years and there's no end to the uses you'll find for this humble addition.

  2. Small squares for gun cleaning patches.