Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Getting Out of Babylon!

In my Six-point Plan for Taking Back America, one of the points is for traditional Americans* to not participate in the Fall of America and Western Civilization. This idea has been given in many different ways by many different people: Get out of Babylon. Don't feed the beast. Go Galt. Be in the world, but not of the world. In other words, get out of the system.

Make no mistake - the new system that is being established by the Elites and progressives is unsustainable and will ultimately collapse. This system will be especially harsh for Christians, Jews, and traditional Americans, who will eventually experience open persecution from the new system (and will be initially blamed when its inevitable collapse comes.

If you are a Christian, Jew, or traditional American of any stripe, you need to get out of Babylon (the system) to protect yourself and your family. By getting out of the system now, you will be less controlled by the elites and less exposed the dangers of their system. You will also be denying them the resources, opportunities, and influences they need in building their system. And by surviving the coming collapse, you will be in a position to help restore traditional America, and even to build a better system for your children and grandchildren. But this begs the question,  how can you get out of the system? Here are some ideas:

Get out of the cities and suburbs. It may be possible to live in a big city without being tainted by Babylon, but it would be incredibly hard, and you are putting your family at risk. Move to more rural areas of the country. Set up an off-grid homestead (or at least as off-grid as reasonably possible) in an out-of-the-way location. This doesn't have to be an isolated mountain retreat, but it defiantly isn't in a city. The outskirts of a small ton in a rural part of the country, with no mega-cities nearby, may be an excellent location to build a new life. Preferably build it with a community of like-minded traditional Americans, even if you have to create that community yourselves.

This and the other ideas presented here will be difficult to accomplish, and will require hard work and sacrifice to achieve. But the time of business-as-usual is past. You family's survival is worth the effort and sacrifice.

Get out of the pop culture and entertainment system. Cancel your cable or satellite TV. Seek out wholesome entertainment, and learn to entertain yourselves. Take a walk with your spouse or with a friend. Play with your kids in the backyard. Invite friends over for a movie night (with the DVD checked out from your local library for free). Next week they can invite you over. Have family game nights. Have a cook-out with your neighbors or fellow church members.

Get out of the doomed financial system. Stop using credit cards and get out of debt. Remember the saying "The borrower is slave to the lender." Greatly reduce your expenses. Get you finances in order (see my article Prepping 101: Finances - Get Back to Basics). Develop useful skills that you could turn into your own business. Begin moving to a barter and cash-only basis as much as reasonably possible, minimizing your dealings with large banks (prefer credit unions and small regional banks for what banking needs you have). Turn some of your money into junk silver (or even a few gold coins if you have the money).

Get your children out of the public school system. Homeschool your children, or at least send them to a good private or parochial school. Separate your family from the failed public school system. Public schools, even the few good ones, are little more than indoctrination camps for the new system being built by the elites and progressives.

Get out of our failing healthcare system. Take care of your health. Learn to eat simple, healthy foods. Avoid over-eating (Americans typically eat huge serving sizes which is a major cause of the obesity problem). Get fit. Have a physically active lifestyle. Get adequate sleep on a consistent basis. Learn about herbal and alternative medicine.

Get out of liberal/progressive churches and synagogues. Many of our churches have tried to adapt themselves to the modern world system, compromising the Gospel message in the process. Does political correctness reign supreme at your church, or does the Lord Jesus Christ reign? Is right and wrong determined by the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus, or does your church look to "modern sensibilities" in issues of right and wrong?

Other Tips: 

Become a part of a home church, even if you continue to participate for now in your larger church. Future crackdowns on traditional-values churches by the government are likely in the coming years. Having a small group bible study that could become a worship group (home church) may be very useful should the church in America ever be forced underground.

Build Self-Reliance (see my articles What is Self-Reliance? and Three Foundations of Self-Reliance). Learn skills. Especially learn useful skills that you could turn into your own business (yes, this is the second time I've mentioned this point - it is important). Get prepared for the worst that may happen (see my article A quick, no frills, down & dirty guide to preparing for the End).

Reuse. Repair. Repurpose. Recycle. Reduce. The less you need from sources other than yourself and your family/community, the better off you will be.

Reduce your "stuff." De-clutter your life. Selling off your unneeded junk can help you pay off debt and raise money for more important matters. You'll be surprised by how much this will uncomplicate your life. It also opens up storage space for important supplies, like food and water.

Grow as much of your own food as possible. New to gardening? A good resource is Daxton Brown's book Going Galt: Survival Gardening.

Stockpile food and water.
Same goes for medical and first aid supplies, cleaning and sanitation supplies, personal hygiene supplies, clothing, batteries, ammunition, etc. This will limit your exposure to our just-in-time manufacturing, distribution, and inventory systems.

Develop a taste for a simpler life.
Simply your lifestyle and reduce your spending. Separate yourself from the system of rabid consumerism. The simple life is less costly, more wholesome, more enjoyable, more honorable, and allows you to retain more control of your life. Be less materialistic, less trendy, less fashionable, and more happy. Get your priorities in order - God and family first. Focus on Jesus and his teachings. Don't try to "keep up with the Joneses." Care much less about what others think.

An interesting You Tube video to watch on this subject is by Joe Fox (VikingPreparedness): "Come out of her" - what's that even mean? (link is to the video on You Tube).

* I define Traditional Americans as those folks who still believe in the Constitution and the founding beliefs and values of our country, including Judeo-Christian ethics and beliefs, hard work, self-reliance, personal accountability, free-market capitalism, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and the traditional family. 

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