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Article selection and commentary by Timothy Gamble
  • 10-26-2020UK Child Abuse Inquiry refuses to investigate Pakistani Muslim grooming (rape) gangs. The official national inquiry even refused to hear from victims and whistleblowers. Story on Breitbart and story on the UK's Daily Mail Online. This is a prime example of my contention that political correctness is providing special protections to Muslims. 
  • 10-25-2020 - Here is an excellent interview with Catholic speaker William Kilpatrick: What Catholics Need to Know About Islam (Actually, it is good for all Christians to read this interview.) 
  • 10-13-2020 - Turkey is often held up as a good example of a "moderate" Islamic nation. However, Turkey's actions have been anything but moderate - ongoing violations of Greek territorial waters and airspace, as well as demands that Greece tear down a large cross recently erected at Greece’s Holy Monastery of Agia Skepi; Turkey's ongoing war against Armenia; Turkey's ongoing occupation of northern Cyprus; Turkey's funding of radical Muslim mosques and schools throughout Europe; Turkey's constant threats to release a mass wave of Muslim immigration into Europe; the open hostility of Turkey's President (and defacto dictator) Erdogan towards the West. These actions and more point to a Turkey that is far from moderate. Yet, Turkey's actions do not seem to threaten its standing as a member of NATO, or its negotiations to join the EU, which still continue, as most European governments turn a blind eye to reality. The Gateston Institute published an interesting article on this situation earlier today, Turkey: Erdogan Fueling Hostility Against the West
  • We are told that honor killings are not a part of Islam (actually, they are allowed under Sharia Law), yet honor killings in the name of Islam occur with some frequency. Today, there are reports of a 9-year-old boy in Pakistan who "honor killed" his aunt after being told to do so by his family, and being given the gun to commit the honor killing. (link to story)
  • There is yet another attempted honoring killing to report today. This honor killing, which fortunately did not succeed, took place in Finland. An Afgani immigrant stabbed his ex-wife multiple times in the head, neck, and body. He latter told police that "Finnish women have too many rights." (link to story)
  • Don't believe my assertion that Muslims are demanding and getting special rights in Western countries? Look no further than New York for proof that this is happening. A major part of the controversy over Christians and Jews not being allowed to attend gatherings due to the Covid-19 is that the government is allowing mass gathering by Muslims. Even the facemask rules are not being enforced for Muslims. So, Muslims demand and get special treatment, even in the midst of a major pandemic. 
  • 10-12-2020 - On this date (Oct. 12) in 2000, 17 American sailors were killed by Muslim terrorists in the bombing of the USS Cole. #NeverForget 
  • The watchdog website, Religion of Peace, is reporting another "Honor Killing" in the name of Islam. This honor killing occurred in Khojiri, India, as a family kill a young couple who married without permission. 
  • 10-10-2020 - Coptic Christians face violence on a regular basis in Egypt, while the Egyptian police and government ignore the situation. In the latest incident, a Christian child was beaten and several adults were injured after a Muslim mob attacked a Coptic wedding

By Timothy Gamble (10-11-2020)

There is a clash of civilizations ongoing between traditional Western civilization and Islamic civilization. The two civilizations are very different - with different beliefs, values, and worldviews. 

The active invasion of Western Civilization by Muslims through "peaceful" immigration (called The Hijra, or Conquest by Immigration), along with increasing demands for various accommodations, special legal status, and the acceptance and even imposition of Sharia Law, is both intentional and well-organized. Add to this the much-higher birth rates of Muslims compared to native Westerners, who have been convinced that large-families are a bad idea, and you have a situation where Western civilization is slowly dying. 

This stealth invasion by immigration is being fostered by Western Elites, and their tool of political correctness, who have become so anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, and anti-traditional values, that they are willing to allow anything that might hasten the destruction of traditional Western Civilization, so they might re-make it to their liking. 

See the book Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad, by Leo Hohman, and Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, by  Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi, for more on this topic.

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