Who is Tim Gamble? From the FAQs page:  "I am a writer, journalist, and consultant with 15+ years experience in the prepper and survivalist community. I have professional experience writing Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Policies for businesses and museums. I have Bachelor Degrees in History and Accounting (with a minor in Economics) from Belmont Abbey College. I have done post-graduate studies with Duke University. I have held appointed positions in both local government (Environmental Advisory Board) and State government (Transportation Planning).

A More Complete Bio
Born in South Carolina, I grew up as a good ol’ country boy and farm boy. I learned a lot from my grandfathers - one was among the last of the true family farmers, the other was a mechanic and handyman that could make or fix almost anything with his hands. Both took me hunting and fishing almost as soon as I started walking. My love of the outdoors lead me to join the Boy Scouts, where I spent most of my teen years camping, hiking, and learning outdoor & survival skills.

I have Bachelor Degrees in History and Accounting, and am extremely well-read on a wide-range of subjects. I have voraciously studied history, economics, business, geopolitics, science, and theology my whole life. I've been active in the prepper and survivalist community since 2003.

I am a Bible-believing Christian - a follower of Jesus, who is the Christ (which means "Anointed One" - another way of saying Messiah or Savior). I am a sinner, and very imperfect in my relationship with God, but I am growing in my walk with Him. Theologically I am Orthodox - taking my understanding of God from the Bible, Christian Tradition, and the Church Fathers. My beliefs can be summed up in the Nicene Creed. In other words, I am a traditional Christian, and seek to follow God's ways and not the worldly system. 

I am single, never married, with no children. I do hope to eventually marry, but have not yet found that special woman God intends for me. She must be a Christian, with similar beliefs, values, and worldview to mine. I believe friendship and loyalty are essential to any good long-term relationship.

Politically, I am a nationalist and a Constitutionalist. By nationalist, I simply mean that I believe in national sovereignty, a strong military, and secure borders. I believe in patriotism - love and respect for my country. I hope citizens of other countries feel the same way about their country. By Constitutionalist, I meant place great value on America's Founding Documents - the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I believe in a small, limited government that is servant to the people, not the people enslaved to the government.

Economically, I am a firm supporter of small-market capitalism, and firmly opposed to socialism in all its many guises (Marxism, European socialism, fascism, crony capitalism, and corporate welfare). More deeply, I believe in agrarianism, which places primary importance in agriculture and related fields, and in rural living, as opposed to industrialized, urban living. I believe the agrarian lifestyle is much more conducive to living God's way rather than worldly ways.

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