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About Tim Gamble - The Educated Country Boy™

I'm a good ol’ country boy who grew up in the Old South. I learned a lot from my grandfathers - one was among the last of the small family farmers, the other was a mechanic and handyman that could make or fix almost anything with his hands. Both took me hunting and fishing almost as soon as I started walking. My love of the outdoors lead me to join the Boy Scouts, where I spent most of my teen years camping, hiking, and learning outdoor & survival skills.

I have Bachelor Degrees in History and Accounting, and am extremely well-read on a wide-range of subjects. I have voraciously studied history, economics, business, geopolitics, science, and theology my whole life.  I've been active in the prepper and survivalist community since 2003.

I am a Christian - a follower of Jesus, who is the Christ (which means "Anointed One" - another way of saying Messiah or Savior). I am a sinner, and very imperfect in my walk with God, but I am growing in my walk with Him. Theologically I am Orthodox - taking my understanding of God from the Bible, Christian Tradition, and the Church Fathers. In other words, I am a traditional Christian, and seek to follow God's system and not the worldly system.   

A strong believer in limited government, individual freedom, and economic prosperity, I am a firm supporter of the Constitution and free-market capitalism (and firmly opposed to socialism in all its many guises (Marxism, European socialism, fascism, crony capitalism, and corporate welfare).

A proud supporter of our troops, I believe in a strong national defense, secure borders, legal immigration, and a balanced, realistic foreign policy (we should not be the world's policeman, nor should we naively ignore the very real threats around us).

I am single, never married, with no kids. I hope to eventually find that special lady to be my wife and help-mate. She must a Christian, with similar beliefs, values, and worldview to mine. I believe friendship and loyalty are essential to any good long-term relationship.

About www.TimGamble.com

Recent events have made it obvious that our current situation is simply unsustainable - financially, politically, socially, and spiritually. Like it or not, traditional America (and traditional Western culture, for that matter) is dead. It may still exist in pockets here and there, but what made us great (both America, and Western Civilization) is gone, replaced by something far worse.

There are no political solutions. No election - or even a series of elections - is going to save us. No politician, no matter how honest, well-meaning, and brilliant, is going to be able to change our collision course with disaster, even if such a politician could get elected. The free-market isn't going to save us, because it no longer exists, having been replaced by various shades of socialism.

It is inevitable that things are going to get much, much worse before there is any chance for improvement or restoration. Restoration can now only come after disaster. Therefore, I am changing this blog to emphasize solutions to the problem we now all face: How to survive the disaster fast approaching. The future will be decided by those who survive.

My plan is simple: Traditional Americans need to
  1. build extreme self-reliance (as individuals, families, and communities), 
  2. get out of the system,  and return to God & our Judeo-Christian roots
  3. learn, remember, and pass on to future generations the seeds of our former greatness, and
  4. be ready to rebuild from the rubble left by the worldly-system once it finally collapses. 
This plan for survival and eventual restoration is what this website is now ABOUT.

Social Media

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