Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Musk Buys Twitter, and I Return

According to both tweets and official legal filings by Elon Musk, his deal to buy Twitter will close by Friday of this week. I am hoping that Musk restores some sanity, and respect for Free Speech, to the social media company. Only time will tell.

In anticipation of Musk's ownership, I quietly opened a new Twitter account several weeks ago. I am now back on Twitter as @TimGambleSpeaks <<----- please click the link and follow me there. 

As many of you know, I had two accounts, one of them since 2008, representing approximately 18,000 good followers. Twitter permanently locked me out of my @DystopianSurv account a few days before the 2020 election, and they heavily restricted my @TimGamble account at the same time. I eventually was locked out of @TimGamble in late January of 2021. A few months later, that account was deleted, and the account name was soon after given to someone else (whoever @TimGamble is on Twitter now, it is NOT me). 

If you are on Twitter, or will be rejoining once Musk takes over, please follow me there and help me rebuild my follower base. Again, I am now back on Twitter as @TimGambleSpeaks <<----- please click the link and follow me there. 

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