Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Latest Election Headlines

There are a number of legitimate news stories the mainstream corporate media is refusing to report, and that the Big Tech companies are actually surpassing (in this election, Big Tech has firmly stood against Free Speech).  Here is a selection of news stories from Alt Media sources:

ALERT: Twitter and other Big Tech companies are suppressing and censoring news stories detrimental to Joe Biden or that raise questions about the election. I am one of the targets of Twitter. In the past ten days, Twitter has:
  • Locked me out of my DystopainSurv account (which is mostly my survivalist tweets)
  • Removed (without their knowledge) close to 1,000 followers from my TimGamble account overnight
  • Restricted the reach of my TimGamble account
  • Blocked several of my Tweets from being retweeted by others 
This is despite the fact that I have not violated Twitter's Terms of Service in any way. Those who follow me know that I do not engage in obscenities, vulgarities, or obscene language in any way. I do not engage in personal attacks or threats. Twitter has no legitimate reason for their actions against me, other than that they simply disagree with my conservative politics. 

I expect to be completely removed from Twitter within the next few weeks. Please help me stay in touch with you by following me on one or more of my alternative social media  accounts listed below. Thank you!

Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio. This one has is all: AM/FM/SW/NOAA (weather alert) bands; powered five ways (electrical cord, USB port, AA batteries, solar, and hand-crank); plus flashlight, reading lamp, and cellphone charger.


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