Monday, October 26, 2020

Major Washington Post Scandal Being Ignored - Covering Up for the Bidens

By Timothy Gamble

Having trouble believing that the Corporate Media are being intentionally dishonest and protecting Joe Biden?  

The Washington Post is calling on media outlets to report Hunter Biden leaks as foreign disinformation, even though the Washington Post itself admits that it "'probably" isn't foreign disinformation. Think about that for a minute. The Washington Post is deliberately reporting false information, and wants other media outlets to do the same, in order to protect Joe Biden's chances in the election.   

From the Washington Post article on how the media should cover the Hunter Biden laptop scandal: "We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t."

Knowingly reporting information that is false in order to protect a political candidate or political party, and in this case to influence an election, is a major breach of journalistic ethics, and should be seen a an enormous scandal within journalism. However, it is not rating even a passing mention with mainstream and corporate media outlets. So far, only independent journalists and Alt Media outlets are reporting this story. 

This goes beyond bias in the corporate media, becoming outright dishonesty in pursuit of a political agenda. It is real election interference. 

It also points to the need for independent journalism and Alt Media outlets, such as this website. Yet, in today's corporate-controlled dystopian world, Big Tech is doing everything possible to restrict, censor, and deplatform those individuals and websites that don't follow what Big Tech considers the acceptable political and social narrative (i.e. politically correct), all in the name of stopping "fake news" and "hate speech."  

The problem is that the Left defines whatever they disagree with as fake news and hate speech. It is, of course, merely an Orwellian excuse to suppress the free speech of those they consider "enemies" of their own Leftist agendas. 

Peter Imanuelsen, a Swedish journalist and editor-in-chief at the Times of Sweden, puts it even more bluntly. It is about thought control. "What is political correctness? It is a power technique, used to control speech and thus controlling what people think. It has nothing to do with "hate speech." It has nothing to do with being kind. It's all about authoritarian control, and stopping criticism of far-left ideology."

The Left gets away with this because the Elites all protect each other. The corporate media covers for Leftist politicians and the Deep State. Big Tech covers for the corporate media. Leftist politicians and the Deep State protect the Big Tech monopolies. And the circle of lies goes on and on. 

Are you seeing the Matrix yet? 


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