Saturday, October 31, 2020

Greek Orthodox Priest Shot in Church in Lyon, France

By Timothy Gamble

11-1-2020 - The latest updates regarding the Greek Orthodox priest shot at his Church in Lyons, France yesterday:
  • The priest is alive but in critical condition following emergency surgery for a gunshot wound to his abdomen. 
  • The priest has been identified as Father Nikolaos Kakavelakis.
  • One suspect is in police custody, but it is unclear if he was the one who actually shot the priest.
  • The police are searching for additional suspects.
  • There has been no official determination for the motive behind the shooting.

10-31-2020 12:20 PM - French media outlets are reporting that a gunman is on the loose after shooting a Greek Orthodox Priest at his church in Lyon. The priest has been rushed to the hospital in serious condition.  Police have cordoned the area off, and a man hunt is underway. There is currently a wave of Islamic terrorism occurring in France, including attacks in Christian churches. 

UPDATE 1:20 PM: A number of media outlets are reporting that the Orthodox Priest has died from his wounds. The gunman has not yet been caught. This is now being reported as another Islamic terror attack, the third in France during the past few weeks. 

UPDATE 3:00 PM: There is uncertainty in the media over the condition of the priest. Some news reports say he has died. Others say he is in critical condition. This points to the difficulty of covering breaking news - details are fluid, uncertain, and subject to change. Additional updates will be made as the situation clarifies. 

This is a breaking news story. Details may change and will be updated as event s unfold. 

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