Monday, September 28, 2020

The Facts About Covid-19 Testing

By Timothy Gamble

[10-28-2020 UPDATE] - According to today's update from the CDC, there have been 138,457,135 Covid-19 tests performed in the USA, so far., with about 1 million new tests performed each day. This is by far the most tests performed by any nation. 

9-28-2020 There still seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding Covid-19 testing. Here are the facts:

  • Covid-19 tests are not a vaccine or a cure. Taking a Covid-19 test does not protect you from the virus. If you test negative for Covid-19, you may still get the virus in the future. 
  • Covid-19 tests allow doctors to determine if you have Covid-19, and allows health care officials to track the spread and movement of the disease. 
  • According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), over 100 million Americans have already been tested for Covid-19 (101,298, 794 as of this morning's update). This is almost 1/3 of the population of the United States.
  • The CDC does NOT recommend that everyone get tested. In fact, it is unhelpful for most healthy individuals without exposure risk to get tested. There is an official CDC Covid-19 Screening Tool to help you determine if you should be tested. You can access the tool at  
  • If you need to be tested, Covid-19 tests are available at no cost nationwide at health centers and select pharmacies. To find a free testing location, go to Appointments may be required. 
  • There is currently a minor shortage of the chemical used in Covid-19 tests, but tests are still being manufactured and available nationwide. This shortage has caused a 13%  national decline in testing from the peak, as some faculties are restricting tests to only those showing symptoms, or having known exposure, or in high risk groups. 
  • A Rapid Test, giving results in under 13 minutes, has already been developed and is available at many locations nationwide. Only certain individuals need or should have a Rapid Test. A health care provider will determine your need. 
  • There are NO home-based self-testing kits for Covid-19. 

Top 10 States for Covid-19 Testing 

  1. California 14,333,498  (approx. 36% of the population)
  2. New York  10,508,186  (approx. 54% of the population)
  3. Texas  6,016,907  (approx. 22% of the population)
  4. Illinois  5,481,999  (approx. 42% of the population)
  5. Florida  5,253,441  (approx. 25% of the population)
  6. Massachusetts  3,881,846  (approx. 56% of the population)
  7. Michigan  3,543,057  (approx. 36% of the population)
  8. New Jersey  3,513,266  (approx. 40% of the population)
  9. Ohio  3,071,187  (approx. 26% of the population)
  10. North Carolina  2,978,728 tests (approx. 29% of the population)

For Official Covid-19 Information:


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  1. Please note that the numbers given may include a few individuals who have been tested more than once, due to being exposed on different occasions. This is why the % of population numbers are given as approximations, rather than precise figures. However, the vast majority of individuals tested have only been tested once.


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