Monday, July 20, 2020

Environmental Scanning and Threat Assessment

By Timothy Gamble

Today marks a new direction for this website, Our focus now be on news analysis and threat assessment, as we bear witness to an emerging dystopian future brought on by the decline and fall of the American Republic and end of traditional Western (Christian) Civilization.

In business, there is a concept called "Environmental Scanning." It has nothing to do with pollution or climate change. Instead, the environment the term refers to is the business environment, both external and internal, in which the organization operates, seeking to identify emerging threats and opportunities that must be addressed, if the organization is to survive.

Environmental scanning looks at a broad range of things which can impact the organization's future operations, including political and economic conditions, its supply chain and consumer base, emerging geopolitical threats, proposed legislation, sociological and demographic trends, customer satisfaction and expectations, technological changes, and its competitors.

"Identifying opportunities and threats is the very core of risk management. It enables companies to formulate important strategies and plans of actions while minimizing threats and taking advantage of opportunities that arise" (reference). Likewise, the principles of environmental scanning can be used to identify and assess the current events of our emerging dystopia.

For years now, I have been warning of four major threats to the American Republic and traditional Western civilization. These threats are:
  • The Internal Threat - Political and economic Elites who want to destroy America and Western Civilization to create their version of utopia. They believe Western Civilization is bad, that America in particular is evil, and that Judeo-Christian values and ethics are too restricting.
  • The Hijra (Conquest by Immigration) - The active invasion of Western Civilization by Muslims through "peaceful" immigration, along with (often violent) demands for various accommodations, special legal status, and the acceptance and even imposition of Sharia Law, is both intentional and well-organized.
  • China and The Thucydides Trap - China seeks to replace the US as the world's dominant superpower, and to that end has been waging an economic, political, and diplomatic war against America for decades, while preparing for an inevitable "hot" war with America. China is convinced this war must happen because of an historical concept known as The Thucydides Trap.
  • The Rise of High Tech and Artificial Intelligence - Massive advancements in science and technology are driving massive economic and sociological changes. These changes, both positive and negative, will be extremely disruptive, and can easily lead to dystopian civilization marked by authoritarian government and powerful corporations, with a huge divide between a privileged elite, and a disempowered underclass they rule over.
This website will focus on raising awareness of these existential threats, and providing detailed analysis of the threats and opportunities they create. Along with our sister website,, we will also be suggesting strategies and tactics for surviving, and even thriving, during our dystopian future.

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