Monday, May 18, 2020

USA: Covid-19 By the Numbers

5-18-2020 - Here is a by-the-numbers round-up of the coronavirus pandemic in the USA, as of the latest CDC updates (5-18-2020, 8:45am).

Total Confirmed Cases:  1,486,742
Total Tests Performed:  11,499,203
Percentage Testing Positive:  12.9%

Total Current, Real-Time Deaths:  89,564  (includes suspected and presumed cases)
Total Lab-Confirmed Deaths:  60,299 (NOT in real-time; lags by up to 3 weeks allowing time for lab-results)

Top Eight States for Number of Tests
        New York:  1,413,396 tested
        California:  1,235,243 tested
        Texas:  693,276 tested
        Florida:  651,792 tested
        Illinois:  581,944 tested
        New Jersey:  487,565 tested
        Massachusetts:  460,826 tested

Top Eight States for Number of Deaths
        New York:  28,232 deaths
        New Jersey:  10,363 deaths
        Massachusetts:  5,797 deaths
        Michigan:  4,891 deaths
        Pennsylvania:  4,495 deaths
        Illinois:  4,177 deaths
        Connecticut:  3,408 deaths
        California:  3,240 deaths
Top Eight States for Hospitalizations (cumulative)
        New York:  75,525 hospitalized
        Connecticut:  10,946 hospitalized
        Massachusetts:  8,539 hospitalized
        Florida:  8,478 hospitalized
        Maryland:  6,993 hospitalized
        Georgia:  6,790 hospitalized
        Virginia:  5,517 hospitalized
        Ohio:  4,921 hospitalized

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