Thursday, March 5, 2020

Covid 19 Coronavirus in the United States - A State-by-State Breakdown

By Timothy Gamble 

3-5-2020 (noon update) - The Covid 19 coronavirus is spreading in the United States. Currently, there are 164 confirmed cases across 17 states. According to the CDC's latest update, 8 patients have fully recovered so far, and 11 patients have died. Here is a state-by-state breakdown of the coronavirus outbreak in the US:

Washington - 41 confirmed cases, with 10 deaths. Most cases and deaths have been in King County(32 cases, 9 deaths), where the virus has infected a nursing home.

Oregon - 3 confirmed cases and no deaths.

California - 38 confirmed cases and 1 death. Santa Clara has 14 confirmed cases and Los Angeles has 7. The remainder are mostly isolated cases spread out across the state. The one death occurred in Placer County.

Arizona - 2 confirmed cases and no deaths.

Nevada - 1 confirmed case and no deaths. 

Illinois - 4 cases (all in Cook County) and no deaths.

Wisconsin - 1 confirmed case in Madison, which has already recovered.

Massachusetts - 2 confirmed cases, no deaths.

New York - 13 confirmed cases, no deaths. 10 cases are in Westchester County and 3 in New York City.

New Jersey - 1 confirmed case, no deaths.

Rhode Island - 2 confirmed cases, no deaths.

New Hampshire  - 2 confirmed cases, no deaths. 

North Carolina - 1 confirmed case (Wake County), no deaths. 

Tennessee - 1 confirmed case in Nashville, no deaths.

Georgia - 2 confirmed cases, no deaths.

Florida - 3 confirmed cases (2 in Hillsborough and 1 in Sarasota), no deaths.

Texas - 2 confirmed cases (1 each in San Antonio and Fort Bend County), no deaths. 

Diamond Princess - The state-by-state numbers do not include 45 people repatriated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and placed in quarantine. The CDC is keeping these numbers separate from the state numbers.
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