Monday, February 10, 2020

Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Update for Monday, Feb. 10

By Timothy Gamble 

2-10-2020 - Seventy people on board a quarantined cruise ship off the coast of Japan have tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus, according to Japanese officials. The infected include at least 13 Americans. All the infected were removed to hospitals, and the ship will likely be allowed to dock sometime this week according to Japanese officials, although at what port hasn't yet been announced.

Concerns are growing over the economic impact of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, as much of China's manufacturing is shut down, and will likely remain shut for months. Speculation is that Amazon, Wal-mart, Target, and other retailers, both large and small, will have trouble restocking. Already there are reports of limited availability for some first aid & medical supplies, as well as auto parts. Hyundai has shut down its South Korean auto plants due to shortages of needed parts sourced from China.

The official death toll from the Wuhan Coronavirus has risen to 910, with over 40,000 officially confirmed cases. However, official numbers are useless, as most epidemiology experts agree that China is severely under-reporting the true extent of the outbreak. Reports, photos, and videos leaking out of China paint a much worse picture. Some unofficial reports coming from medical personnel in China suggest the actual number of coronavirus cases is already over 200,000, with actual deaths nearing 5,000. There is no way to confirm these numbers.

Worldwide Death Toll: 910 (908 in China, 1 in Hong Kong, 1 in the Philippines)
Confirmed Cases in US: 12
States with Confirmed Cases: Washington (1), Illinois (2), Arizona (1), California (6), Massachusetts (1), Wisconsin (1)
Countries with Confirmed Cases: China, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan,  Macau, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Finland, United Arab Emirates, India, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, the UK, and the Philippines. 

Data sources: Johns Hopkins CSSEWHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, and DXY.

AD:   Alton's Antibiotics and Infectious Disease: The Layman's Guide to Available Antibacterials in Austere Settings, by Dr. Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, ARNP.

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