Friday, February 21, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak worsening in South Korea

By Timothy Gamble 

2-21-2020 - Worldwide, there are 76,787 confirmed cases* of the Wuhan coronavirus, officially named Covid 19, with 2,248 deaths*, as of 10:30 am updates.  The vast majority of both cases and deaths are still in mainland China, however the outbreak is worsening in South Korea, which confirmed 102 new cases on Friday morning. There are more cases in South Korea than in any other country outside of China. 

South Korea refused to close its borders to Chinese visitors, leading to the outbreak there. China expert Gordon G. Chang posted to Twitter this morning "COVID19 is now rapidly spreading through South Korea because President Moon Jaein, to please a heartless China, kept his border open to infected Chinese travelers." Firmly placing the blame on President Moon Jae-in, Chang went on to tweet "Moon Jaein made decisions that guaranteed the fast spread of COVID19 in his South Korea."

Moon himself is quoted in South Korean media stating that the coronavirus spread in local communities is now "very severe" but that "The government is significantly strengthening its infection response system in local communities."

The spread of the coronavirus in South Korea is causing other countries to close their doors to South Korea, banning or quarantining South Korean travellers coming into their countries.

Data sources: Johns Hopkins CSSEWHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, and DXY.

* China is severly under-reporting the true extent of the outbreak, according to most experts. Information leaking out of China indicates the real numbers of cases and deaths are likely 4X-5X the "official" numbers released by the Chinese government.
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