Monday, February 3, 2020

Bloody January: Islamic Terrorists Kill 921 people and Injure over 500 Others

By Timothy Gamble 

2-3-2020 - According to data collected by, January saw 921 people killed and over 500 injured from 127 attacks committed in the name of Islam, in 23 different countries. This included six suicide bombings, as well as other terror attacks and Sharia Law executions.

One of the more disturbing incidents was a suicide bombing committed by a 12-year-old girl in Nigeria at a school on January 30.  Other horrific incidents included 36 villagers hacked to death by Islamic militants on Jan. 29 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 24 police officers killed in an al-Qaeda terror attack in Mali on Jan. 26,  and 21 shepherds massacred by Islamic extremists after being shackled in Syria on Jan. 5. All were committed "in the name of Islam."

Since 2001, has tracked militant activity, terror attacks and Sharia executions committed worldwide in the name of Islam. 
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