Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Details about "Jabba the Jihadi" emerge after his capture

Provided the Islamic Religious and "Scholarly" Justification for Sex Slavery of Non-Muslims as "Spoils of War"

By Timothy Gamble

1-21-2020 - Last week, the senior ISIS official who ordered destruction of Jonah's Tomb was captured in Mosul. Since then, additional information has come out about exactly who Shifa Al-Neama, nicknamed Abu Abd Al-Bari, was and what role he played in ISIS. This terrorist was a "big fish" in ISIS, in more ways than one, weighing an estimated 560 pounds and known within Iraq as "Jabba the Jihadi” - a reference to the Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba the Jihadi provided the Islamic religious justification for the enslavement, torture, and ethic cleansing of Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities in Iraq. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Yazidi women and girls, some as young as 7, were raped and sold as sex slaves, not only in Iraq, but worldwide. Those who resisted were either beheaded or burnt alive. It is believed many of these women and girls remain enslaved.

Jabba the Jihadi provided the religious and "scholarly" justifications for using women and girls as "spoils of war" based on passages from the Koran and other Islamic teachings. He became known to the Western world after he published an article in 2014 on Dabiq, a digital magazine published by ISIS, in which he gave these justifications. 

This picture of a Yazidi woman, captured by ISIS, being sold as a sex slave was found on the cell phone of a ISIS fighter killed in Iraq in 2014. It is believed that this particular photo was taken at Saudi Arabian Slave Market. The ultimate fate of the woman pictured remains unknown.

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