Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Evening News for Dec. 18, 2019

By Timothy Gamble

Impeachment is the major news of the day, of course, with the House of Representatives voting 230 - 197 along almost entirely party lines (2 democrats voted against impeachment) for the "Abuse of Power" charge. The other charge, Obstruction of Congress, passed 229 - 198 (3 democrats voted against impeachment). One additional democrat, Tulsi Gabbard, voted "present" on both charges, saying the the country needs "reconciliation" instead of impeachment. (news link)

However, it matters not: as I've already reported, impeachment is going nowhere in the Senate. Trump will remain in office. And the spectacle of the impeachment process - its obvious political motivations, the unfairness in which it was executed, and the overwhelming lack of evidence of any crime - has turned off all but the most partisan voters and committed never-Trumpers (article link) - and has virtually guaranteed Trump's re-election. The most recent Gallop Poll shows Trump's approval up 6 points since impeachment began (article link) and multiple polls are also showing a strong surge of support for Trump against all potential Democrat contenders in 2020 (article link). The most recent USA Today/Suffulk University poll has Trump winning the general election (article link) against each of the major Democrat candidates:

In other impeachment headlines, Democrat Al Green Used a fake news photo of a migrant child in the impeachment debate on the House floor (article link). Also during the floor debate, Democrat Jerry Nadler accused a GOP congressman of "spouting Russian propaganda on the floor of the House," which lead to a shouting match between the two congressmen (article link). 

AD:  The Case Against Socialism, Rand Paul's new book, needs to be read by every voting age adult in America. John Stossel calls it a "fact-filled case against socialism" with lots of new evidence that even he did not know. Get it on Amazon. Makes a great Christmas gift, too! 

Here are some non-impeachment headlines you may have missed today: 

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