Sunday, December 1, 2019

New Dystopian Survival is LIVE

The new home for my Prepper and Survivalist articles is, where there are already over 30 articles posted, including eight new ones:
  1.  Reclaiming Masculinity - Skills Every Real Man Should Have (Posted today 12-1)
  2. Dystopian Survival Skills - A New List for a Dangerous Future (Introductory article - Please read)
  3. Dystopian Gardening - Sheet Mulching (new, heavily rewritten version of previous article)   
  4. Survivalist Myth? The Trigger Event (New article)  
  5. Dystopian Survival - City Farming (Heavily revised and expanded article)  
  6. Conversion Table for White Flour to Almond and Coconut Flour  (New article)
  7. Survival Gear Fails + Alternatives (new, heavily rewritten version of previous article)
  8. Sociopolitical Situational Awareness - Protecting your Family From the State and Society (NEW article)  
  9. Six Hacks to Supercharge Your Health and Healing (New Article)
In addition to these eight new articles, I've also already moved 24 old prepper articles and reviews from this site to Dystopian Survival. I will be moving many others in the coming weeks.

This website will resume news and politics articles in the next few days.  Thank you for your patience during these changes.   

--Timothy Gamble

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