Thursday, November 21, 2019


In case you haven't noticed, I have started making some major changes to

Most obviously, I am splitting this website into two websites. will focus on news and politics. The new website,, is the new home for my preparedness and survival related articles.

This is a business decision. Having everything I do on one website, although convenient for me, creates a situation where it comes across as unfocused and less than professional. Splitting into two websites will allow each site to be more focused on its primary themes, and, hopefully, will allow me to appear more professional in my work. It will also make it easier for my readers to find the information they are looking for without having to wade through a lot of unrelated material.

Additionally, creating Dystopian Survival allows me to rebrand my survivalist writings in a way to better reflect my evolving mindset regarding survival. I am actually proposing an entirely new way of approaching survivalism. I've begun laying out that case in the first two entirely original articles posted on Dystopin Survival:

1)  Dystopian Survival Skills - A New List for a Dangerous Future 

2)   Survivalist Myth? The Trigger Event 

I have also begun the process of moving my survivalist and prepper articles off this site.  Some will be reposted on Dystopian Survival without changes. Some will be entirely rewritten with my new survivalist philosophy in mind, and then posted on Dystopian Survival. Still others will disappear forever. 

Besides focusing on news and politics, I will be making additional changes to this website. This process has already begun with the addition of news feeds from three of my favorite news sources: Breitbart News, Voice of Europe, and American Military News. You can find these news feeds in the right-hand column. More changes to come!

This process of creating two websites from will take a couple of weeks to complete. As the saying goes, please pardon our dust as I work on both websites.

Thank you for your loyal readership. I look forward to continuing to earn your loyalty.

On Social Media:

Twitter: @DystopianSurv - My account specifically for the Dystopian Survivl website. 99% prepping, survivalist, and homesteading tweets. Few, if any, posts on politics.

Twitter: @TimGamble - My main account. Survivalist information, plus heavy on news, politics and economics.

GAB: @TimGamble - Mainly a back-up account for when Twitter bans me for being not being a leftist. 

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