Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Skills vs. Gear & Supplies vs. Atitude vs. Health & Fitness

This is a multiple choice test. Choose one.

Q.  Which of the following is most important for survival and preparedness?

    A-  Skills
    B-  Gear & Supplies
    C-  Mental Attitude
    D-  Health & Fitness

Its a trick question. The correct answer is E- All the Above.

The simple fact is that skills, gear & supplies, the right mental attitude, and health & fitness are all important. Have one, or two, without the others, and you're going to be in a really tough situation when the S hits the fan.

The reason I bring this up is that I often see folks with long lists of gear, tools, and supplies that they recommend for survival. Then I see where others criticize them saying that skills are more important. Then others pipe in saying that what is needed is the right mental attitude, or health & fitness. This argument misses the point, in my  opinion.


Gear, tools, and supplies are useful, but without the right skills, they aren't going to be of much use, especially over the long term. Likewise, those wonderful skills aren't very useful if you don't have the right tools and supplies for the the job.

Likewise, mental attitude is essential. After all, if you panic in a bad situation, your skills and supplies won't be of much use. The same thing can be said about health & fitness. You simply cannot isolate one of these as essential over and above the rest. They all are essential.

The bottom line:  What I'm trying to get at in this article is to encourage folks to have a balanced approach to their preparedness. Work on all areas, not just one or two. Buy your tools, gear and supplies, but also learn skills. And don't forget your health & fitness, as well as the mental aspects of preparedness. Balance is key. 

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