Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Survival in the Emerging Highly-Centralized, Politically-Correct, Socialist/Fascist Surveillance State

Its not hard to predict where the Elites are wanting to take us. Look at where Obama was pushing us. And where Hillary was going to push us had she won in 2016. And where the current Democratic Presidential candidates are openly saying they will push us. Take an honest look at where recent social, political, business, and technological trends are taking us.  Just look at the open hostility towards traditional values and beliefs. Just look at the attempts by Big Tech to shut out conservative and Christian voices, or any voice that doesn't totally embrace their politically-correct leftist agenda. Just look at the messages being beamed into our heads on a daily basis by movies, TV, music, and other aspects of pop culture. And I could go on and on. Those of us who are not aware of where we are headed have simply chosen to be willfully ignorant.

So, how do we survive the emerging highly-centralized, politically-correct, socialist/fascist surveillance state?

Self-reliance is the key. Be able to think for yourself, and do for yourself as much as possible. The more self-reliant you and your family are, the less you will be controlled by what is coming, and the more you'll be able to resist. Do everything you can to build as much self-reliance as you can while there is still time. 

Thinking for yourself means uncluttering your mind of all the rubbish coming out of the mainstream media, pop culture, and academia. Turn off CNN, MSNBC and the late-night comedians. Tune out much of the current pop culture. Explore the alt-media, but don't just blindly accept what their pushing. Read a variety of sources, investigate, and think for yourself. Ask yourself questions: Does this really make sense? Is it logical? Does it fit what I already know to be true? Does it give facts that I can check, or is it just speculation? 

Self-reliance is also being able to do for yourself. Take responsibility for your own life. Don't sit around waiting for others, or the government, to do things for you. Get informed. Make your own decisions. Learn skills. Gain experience. (You may be interested in a previous article I wrote: What is Self-Reliance?)

Get out of the System. Again, the less you need the System, the less you will be controlled by it. How do you get out of the system? It isn't easy (by design). But here are some ideas I've  given before, but are worth repeating:
  • Homeschooling is better than parochial & private schools is better than public schools. 
  • Working for yourself is better than working for a small business is better than working for a large corporation or the government.
  • Owning out-right is better than paying a mortgage is better than renting.
  • A credit union is better than a small regional bank is better than a big national bank. 
  • Paying cash is better than a credit card.
  • Going all cash & barter is best of all, but probably impossible in practical terms.
  • Taking care of your health is better than needing a hospital.
  • Entertaining ourselves (reading, family game night, hosting a bar-b-que, going bowling, going fishing, etc.) is better than relying on TV, the movies, and pop culture.
  • Living in a small rural community is better than living in a city is better than living in a mega-city.
And the list could go on and on. Its not easy getting out of the system, and may be impossible to do so completely, but shed yourself of as much of the system as you can. 

Privacy is paramount. The more I study what is going on, the more I realize the importance of privacy, and how difficult it is to guard.  I also think privacy is one of the most overlooked aspects of prepping. Think about and take steps to protect your privacy, both online and in real life.

Get back to prepping. Or get started. Yeah, I know. Being a prepper has gone out-of-style the last couple years. Many preppers took vacations from prepping after Trump won. Others have been intimidated away from prepping and survivalism by the media's constant portrayal of us as paranoid nut-jobs (and potentially dangerous). But being prepared for life's emergencies, be it a house fire, an unexpected job loss, a recession or even a war, is a major part of self-reliance. Get back to prepping.  Or get started for the first time if you are not one. Don't know where to start? Check out my article A quick, no frills, down & dirty guide to preparing for the End for an outline of basic preparedness.

Prepare for the Loss of Freedoms (for our own good, of course).

They will come for our Free Speech rights, primarily through "hate speech" laws and "anti-bullying" policies, along with cooperation of Big Tech to suppress politically incorrect speech. These things sound great until you learn, too late, how they define "hate speech" and "bullying." (Hint: Its really not about stopping the N-word or protecting kids from being picked on in school.)

Recent polls shown that most millennials have already been turned against Free Speech, having been taught that it is just an excuse for "hate." This trend will continue to grow.

They will come for our Freedom of Religion (again, in the name of stopping "hate").  And they will continue to redefine Freedom of Religion as mere freedom of worship (see my 2015 article on this subject). The two are vastly different, and its important to know that difference. It is the much broader Freedom of Religion that is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

They are coming for our Freedom of the Press as government allows Big Tech to deplatform, demonetize, and otherwise freeze out all but the "main-stream" (corporate) media.  This is the reason government will never move against Big Tech in any meaningful way - they need them to do their dirty work of controlling news and information.

Of course, they are coming for our Second Amendment rights .  Note the increasing popularity of "Red Flag" laws to get guns out of the hands of people with "mental health  issues," along with the American Psychological Association's recent declaration that "traditional masculinity" such as "ambition" and "competitiveness," are harmful, therefore a potential cause to take your guns under a red flag law!

We need to plan for these eventualities just as carefully as we plan our food and water storage. What plans have you made?
Have serious concerns regarding privacy? You should. Here is a two-volume book set that may interest you:

The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference: Volume I: Digital (Volume 1)

The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference: Volume II: Physical (Volume 2)

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