Sunday, April 28, 2019

Why the prepper movement almost died, and how to revive it and regain focus

Why are you a prepper?  I'm not asking what you're prepping for, but rather why you prep? It is not the same thing, and it is an important difference to recognize.

The potential threats we are preparing to face may come and go, but the real reasons we are preparing remain constant. If we focus on what we're preparing for, we are likely to lose focus or even stop preparing altogether when that threat passes or no longer seems likely. However, if we remain focused on the real reasons why we prep, the reasons that remain constant, we are much less likely to lose focus despite the ever-changing potential threats. 

How many times have  people proclaimed the immanent arrival of Planet X / Niburu, only for it to not show up? How many blood moons have passed in the last decade or so without doomsday? Remember how worried people were about the severe Ebola outbreak a few years ago? And bird flu, swine flu, and SARs before that? How many times has the demise of the US dollar and the collapse of the US economy been predicted? Remember the Y2K computer glitch that was supposed to drive us back to the stone age? 

Remember how worried - make that absolutely convinced - some people were that George Bush was going to declare martial law and refuse to step down as president after the end of his second term? Remember the worry many of us had that Obama was trying to destroy our nation and undermine our Constitution and Freedoms? That Hillary would confiscate our guns if she became president? The united sigh of relief we all felt when Hillary lost and Trump won in 2016 lead to a near collapse of the prepper movement. We all lost focused as the threat seemed to pass...

That is the problem with being focused on preparing for individual threats, rather than keeping focus on the real reasons we prepare. When the Threat-of-the-Moment that we are preparing for comes and goes repeatedly, its easy to get tired, lose focus, and even to develop normalcy bias. Nothing bad has happened yet despite all these concerns, therefore nothing bad will happen in the future. 

So, I ask again: Why are you a prepper?  Not what you're prepping for, but rather why you prep?

I cannot answer that question for you. You have to figure that out for yourself. But I can answer for me. 

Why am I a prepper?
  • So that I can protect and provide for my family - those people I care about and who depend on me - come what may.
  • So that I can worship and follow God as He commands, no matter the pressures of political correctness, liberal theology, threats & violence from progressives and Muslims, or how badly the First Amendment gets shredded.
  • Because my God, the God of the Bible, commands both spiritual and physical preparation and readiness.
  • So that I can protect our Freedoms - our God-given Rights - for myself, my family, and future generations.
Keeping those real reasons, constant reasons, in mind rather than focusing on individual potential threats, helps me stay focused on my preparedness efforts.   

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