Friday, February 8, 2019

Times are good, so do these big projects now, before its too late!

Times are good, for the most part. But the wolves are howling at the gates, waiting for their chance to bring havoc and destruction.  Here are some things you might consider doing now, while you can, before its too late.

Buy guns for your children and grandchildren. When I was a kid, my grandfather gave me my first shotgun for Christmas. A few years later, he gave me my first rifle as a birthday gift. If you are thinking of doing something similar for your children or grandchildren, go ahead and do so now while you still can. The Elites haven't given up on gun control, and are getting sneakier by the day in how they are trying to get our guns.  

Even if your kids or grand kids are too young, go ahead and buy the guns now, so that you can give the guns to them when they are old enough. Of course, obey all guns laws, and make sure you instruct them in gun safety!(Check out the book "Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children's Book About Gun Safety" by Julie Golob.

Get a metal roof on your house. They are more costly than regular roofs, but they have several benefits, including increased energy efficiency (thus lowering your power bills), improved fire resistance, and great durability (life-expectancy of a metal roof is about 50 years).

Do any other home improvements that will either increase your homes energy efficiency (saving you money in the long run), or reduce future maintenance needs. Ideas include increasing your home's insulation, installing a wood stove, installing energy-efficient windows, switching to LED lighting, and upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances, including hot water heaters, heat pumps, stoves, refrigerators, etc. This last may be especially true if your current appliances are over ten years old. NOTE: Some home improvements may be tax deductible. See your tax professional for specific advice. 
Increase the food production capacity of your property. Prepare additional garden space, plant fruit and nut trees (which take several years to start producing, so you need to do it now, not later), or install a greenhouse.  In the future, you're going to need food a lot more than you will need a well-manicured lawn.

Turn your swimming pool into a water reserve, fish farm,  or even a greenhouse. Many years ago, a friend of mine bought a new house that had a swimming pool in the back yard. Since he and his wife didn't have kids, and cared nothing about having a swimming pool, they converted it into a greenhouse. I've heard of other people who turned their swimming pools into small fish farms. Search for the term "pool to fish farm" on You Tube.

You and everyone in your family/group should get a complete physical exam this year. Also, get eye and dental exams. It is much better to catch problems early, and deal with them now. I'm a bad example of what can happen when you avoid the doctor too long, as I wrote about in 2015.

Double your planned food- and water-storage. Based on what is happening in Venezuela, where people have been reduced to dumpster diving and even eating family pets to survive, I recommend even more food storage than you (or I) were already planning. Consider at least doubling what you think you need.

Overcome any addictions in your life.  Are you addicted to tobacco, alcohol, legal or illegal drugs? Struggling with porn or gambling addiction? Work on overcoming your addictions as quickly as possible. Yes, I know - easier said than done. But you don't want to be dealing with an addiction in the middle or just after of a SHTF event. You will have enough danger and stress just from the event, without having to add the dangers, and distractions of your addiction on top of that. Especially since you may not be able to "feed" your addiction after the event, and therefore will be dealing with withdrawal, which will have both emotional and physical complications.  

Get out of debt! Rather than using these good times of full employment and rising wages to take expensive vacations or buy a new sports car, pay off your car loans, credit cards, student loans, payday loans and other consumer debt. If at all possible, pay off your mortgage or at the very least refinance into a lower fixed rate if you can.

Check out Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball Plan on his website for a great way to pay off debt.

Go ahead and move. Or buy that Bug-out property. If your future plans include moving to a better location, or setting up your rural homestead, now is probably the best time to do so. Find your preferred location, and start job and property hunting. 

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