Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Preparing for Big Tech Censorship

You realize by now that there is a building wave of censorship by Big Tech companies against viewpoints that they deem hateful or politically incorrect. Of course, they define what that might be, in any way they wish, which basically means any viewpoint other than a politically-correct progressive (leftist) point-of-view. Hold to traditional, conservative, libertarian, or populist views, and they have you in their cross-hairs.

I won't waste your time or mine trying to prove it to you. If you've been paying attention, you already know what's going on. Instead, I am going to give you three ideas of how to prepare for ever-increasing censorship by Big Tech.

First, get yourself am external (portable) hard drive as soon as possible. Make it a big one. They are relatively cheap. A basic plug-and-play (meaning ready and easy-to-use right out of the box, with no special software required) 1TB external hard drive is only about $50, with each additional TB running about $20 more. Mine is a Toshiba Canvio Basics. It works with Windows right out of the box, and can be easily reformatted to work with a Mac.

Now, connect it to your PC or laptop and start filling that up with your favorite content (videos, podcasts, articles, blog posts, news stories, etc.) that might get banned in the growing purge of free speech on the Internet. You are creating an off-line archive for yourself of the content you may want in the future, but might no longer be available. 

An added bonus of doing this is you can also back-up all your personal files onto the external hard drive. If you ever need to bug-out, just slip the hard drive into your bug-out bag. It is only about the size of a man's hand and weighs less than 6 ounces. 

Second, protect yourself from being censored by Big Tech. Don't cease being yourself, or proclaiming facts and truth, but don't give them an easy excuse for banning your social media accounts or deplatforming your blog, website, podcast, or video channel. This means NEVER make a threat of physical violence against any person, politician, journalist, celebrity, or group of people.  Not even in jest. Threats of physical violence are both illegal and against the terms of service of every Internet platform.  Also, avoid the use of certain "trigger" words like the N word or the F word. Most folks don't out of common decency, but there are a few folks who relish seeing how far they can push things. All you are really doing is giving them an easy excuse to ban you. 

Third, make back-up accounts and start using Alt Tech and Alt Media. Get a second Twitter account or a second Facebook account (or a second whatever) if you don't want to lose access to those platforms if your main account is ever restricted or banned. For example, I have a backup Twitter account (its @ShadowTLG) for when Twitter finally bans my main account, @TimGamble, which they've already restricted twice that I know of over this year. Avoid posting political or controversial content to your back-up account so it doesn't get banned at the same time. 

Alt Tech are the new tech companies that are rising up to challenge Big Tech. Examples: GAB is the Alt Tech alternative to Twitter. Minds is an Alt Tech alternative to Facebook. BitChute is an Alt Tech alternative to You Tube. There are many others. 

Be aware that Alt Tech has many problems of their own, ranging from technology issues, to financial issues, to public relations issues. Some of these companies will make it as viable alternatives to Big Tech. Others will simply disappear. Only time will tell which is which. 

Alt Media is the alternative to Corporate Media (aka Main Stream Media). There are simply too many to name, but check out Whatfinger News at which is a great news aggregator site for Alt Media. You will find plenty of links to various Alt Media sources. Bookmark your favorites (including Whatfinger) and consider subscribing to their email lists so you can still find their content if they get deplatformed from social media.

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  1. I put together a Kodi media center for our house, ripped all our old DVD's of tv and movies we love (lots of John Wayne and tv from the 60's). Kodi lets you access the digital versions of your video that's on the hard drive, which is much quicker and easier than running the DVD's. At this point, our media "server" has far more stuff on it than we get from the cable on-demand service, and Kodi is free. It's a lot of work, but it's been worth it at our house.


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