Sunday, December 16, 2018

Clothes and the Prepper

In honor of Fashion Week,* I've decided to write an article on Clothes and the Prepper. It is an important topic for the reasons I'll discuss below.

First, let's start with what I wear: my clothes on a typical winter day are cargo pants, a plain sweatshirt or flannel shirt, and a pair of hiking shoes. If needed, I will wear a plain hoodie or heavier coat. Of course, do do wear underwear (I do have thermal underwear for when needed) and socks (both regular and thermal). And I have work boots, but I only wear them when I need to, not everyday.

During the summer, I dress similarly. Depending on what I'm doing that day, I wear cargo pants or cargo shorts, a black short-sleeve t-shirt or golf shirt (when I want to dress a little nicer), and a pair of hiking shoes.

The reasons behind the way I dress are: 
  • Comfortable, ease-of-movement
  • Rugged, durable
  • Practical, utilitarian (function over form)
  • Not flashy or eye-catching (I don't stand out) 
  • Fits in with what locals are likely to wear (gray man)
  • Not likely to attract attention by appearing as if I have money (making myself a tempting target), or appearing as if a bum or a thug (someone to watch carefully
So, as a prepper/survivalist, I dress for practical reasons, not to impress other people. This doesn't mean I dress like a bum. My clothes fit me well, and are neat, clean, and nice looking. They just are not fancy, name-brands, or otherwise impressive in a worldly sense. I feel quite comfortable dressing this way in public, and I don't draw any critical looks from folks.

Dressing Up for Work 

Many folks have to "dress up" for work. I've had those type of suit-and-tie required jobs in the past. You can be judged, and even fired, for not dressing the part. What to do? 

Just because you have to dress a certain way while at work, doesn't mean you have to dress that way when you're not working. I always kept a pair of hiking shoes in my car back when I had to wear wing tips at the office. I would drive home in those hiking shoes everyday. I even got to the point that I didn't mind wearing them with my suit when running in the store on my way home. I suggest keeping a change of shoes and clothes in your car or backpack if you have to dress up in impractical clothes for work. 

Ladies: If you have to wear dress shoes for work, do they really have to be high heels? Could you wear more practical, but still dressy, flats of some sort? Again, you should keep a change of shoes & clothes in your car or backpack, and change into them before going home. 

The Bottom Line: Modern, worldly society puts great emphasis on our appearance and the way we dress. We are told to "Dress for Success" or to "Dress to Impress" others. We need to get over those worldly attitudes, and to dress for more practical reasons.

*Actually, I have no idea when Fashion Week is, or even if there is such a thing. I just thought it was a good excuse for this article.

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