Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Challenge of Prepping During the Good Times

Prepping during relatively good times can be even more difficult than prepping during the bad times. Yet, prepping is actually easier during good times. 

What do I mean by these two seemingly contradictory statements? Let me explain by examining each:

Why good times are the best times to prep...

During good times, such as the one we're in right now,  jobs are more plentiful, incomes are higher, taxes are lower, and most of us have more money in our pockets to spend however we want.  

Most of us can more readily afford to stock up on our food storage, first aid supplies, medicine & medical supplies, flashlights, radios, batteries, tools, guns & ammo, and other supplies. We can more readily afford to take steps to harden our homes, such as installing security doors, putting up fencing, and so forth. We have some extra cash to buy reference books and to take classes to improve our skills.  

Perhaps more importantly for those of us wanting to move to a safer area, or even to start a homestead, our number one excuse for not doing so disappears. 

The number one reason I hear from folks who want to move for preparedness reasons, but who just can't move, is jobs. We need to work and can't find a job elsewhere (or think we can't). Guess what? There are now more jobs available than there are workers to fill them. This is not only true in the big cities, but also in the small towns and rural areas where many of us want to live. Now is the time we can find a job elsewhere. Or even to go into business for ourselves. 

Why good times are actually harder for prepping...

Good times are actually harder for prepping because there is no sense of urgency. During bad times, with mass layoffs, double digit unemployment, and a daily struggle for most of us to make ends meet, the necessity of preparedness is all too obvious. During good times it is much less obvious.

Then there are the distractions of good times. Sure, you have enough disposable income to acquire your food storage, but you also have enough to acquire that jumbo-sized TV instead. Goodbye boring food storage, and HELLO JUMBO TV!!! All the better to watch multi-millionaire NFL players take a knee, I guess.

Not to forget family.  They love us and understand the need for sacrifice during bad times. During good times they still love us, but also understand the need for a trip to Disney World!!!!!  After all, we now have the money for it. Goodbye home security, HELLO Mickey Mouse.

The fact is, during good times we quickly become spoiled to the good times and forget the lessons we learned the hard way during bad times.

You must answer the challenge.

The challenge of  a lack of urgency combined with a host of distractions during good times must be answered. But it can only be answered for you, by you. You must be forward-looking. You must not get caught up in the misconception that the good times will roll on forever. Is your family worth answering the challenge?

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