Thursday, September 27, 2018

Good News! Three Things You're Doing Right as a Prepper

There are lots of articles in the prepper community that purport to tell us all the mistakes we are making as preppers.  We are doing this or that wrong. We haven't thought of X. We've overlooked planning for Y. We haven't stockpiled Z. We're not really prepping if we haven't developed this skill or bought that piece of gear. We're doomed if we don't live somewhere other than where we are living now. Whatever we do, there seems to be no end to people willing, even eager, to tell us we're doing it wrong.

While there is a useful purpose for "don't make this mistake" articles (and I have written a few of them myself), the negativity can be overwhelming at times. So, in this article I want to give you some good news - There are at least three big, important things that you are doing right as a prepper:

1 - You are bravely facing reality. The fact is the world is dangerous place. In reality, our modern civilization is fragile, and there are many possible events and tipping points that could cause the S to Hit The Fan.  As a prepper, you're not strolling through life blinded by normalcy bias and a complete faith in government to keep us safe and civilization humming along. You've accepted reality, and are seeking to protect yourself and your family, rather than just hoping that "everything will work out."

2 - You're doing something.  Even if it is not a lot, you are at least doing something - thinking though scenarios, making plans, acquiring supplies, learning skills,...  Congratulations! You and your family really are better off than 90% of people. After all, most folks simply aren't ready for anything bad to happen in their own lives,  much less for a major event that may threaten the whole of society.

3- You are developing the right mental attitude - one of self-reliance.  This attitude is KEY. I've said this before, but it bears repeating often: The single most important thing you can do to survive any future chaos is to start taking responsibility for your own life now. The good news is that by being a prepper, you are doing just that. Even if you are not there perfectly, you are developing this attitude - and the skills and experience to back it up. Again, this puts you well-ahead of most folks, who live lives of dependency on government, on their employers, and on a fragile world system that encourages further dependency in an ever-vicious cycle. 

Despite the fact that we all will make mistakes along the way, we can hold our heads high with the knowledge that we are doing
at least three big and important things right. So, do not be discouraged. Do not give in to the negativity. And, to quote Winston Churchill, "Never, never, never give up."


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