Monday, September 3, 2018

Book Review: Who Wants to Be Free?
I recently bought an autographed copy of Amanda Hughes' book Who Wants to Be Free? in an online auction for Constituting America. For those not familiar with it, Constituting America is an excellent organization that strives to educate Americans about the Constitution and the rights it guarantees for all of us. The organization particularly strives to reach young people through popular culture. You can check out their website at for more on their mission, programs, educational resources, and contests.  

Modern society is often hostile towards open expressions of traditional Christianity, especially within the political sphere. The Christian beliefs of our founders, and the role those beliefs played in the creation of our country, has been mostly expunged from our nation's textbooks.  The Biblical principles underlying America's founding documents - the true source of American Exceptionalism - are denied. The Freedom of Religion guaranteed to us in the First Amendment has been twisted into a kind of "freedom from religion" in an attempt to remove any religious discussions or considerations from the public square. 

Many Christians have been left wondering what, if any, role their religious beliefs should play in their political lives. Can a Christian participate in politics? Should we let our religious beliefs inform our political beliefs? Is it okay to vote based on our Christian ideals and values? Does Christianity have any legitimate place in political leadership or policy making? How do you, as a Christian, participate in the American political system? If you have any questions like these, Amanda Hughes has written an excellent book for you.

Who Wants to Be Free? is a short book (99 pages) that is absolutely packed with information presented in a way that is easy to understand.  Filled with quotes and examples from the Bible and historical figures, Hughes answers provides answers for those questions and more. In the introduction, she writes:

In Who Wants to Be Free, you will learn
  • What defines freedom and why understanding it matters to you
  • What is at stake by ignoring your heritage as a Christian in America.
  • Biblical principles about freedom that will help you cast a wise ballot.  
  • Questions to ask yourself and candidates before you vote.
  • How to keep up with the issues and stay involved in politics without getting overwhelmed.
If those are Hughes' goals for this book, she certainly achieves them. She provides important Biblical and historical context for understanding government and leadership, vividly illustrates the difference between leadership with God's direction and leadership without God's direction, explains the Founders' profound understanding of human nature and how it was incorporated into their design for our government, and how all of this should impact our responsibilities as Christian citizens and patriots. In the last couple of chapters, Hughes gives a lot of practical tips and information on the how to aspect of "Getting Freedom Done" (the title of chapter 10). 

An excellent resource, I highly recommend this book for any Christian wondering about the intersection between religion and politics, between being a Christian and a patriot. 

Who Wants to Be Free? is currently available on Amazon for only $11.95 (price subject to change).


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