Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Being a Prepper Doesn't Mean Hiding From the World

"To me, being a prepper/survivalist is not about hiding from the world at a remote mountain retreat. Rather, it is about building self-reliance and ending our dependency on the corrupt worldly system. Enough of us do that, and the corrupt worldly system will wither and die." --Tim Gamble

I made the above statement on GAB recently in response to what I considered to be some unfounded criticism of the prepper movement. The critic had stated something to the effect that he disliked preppers because they are hiding from problems and not trying to effect change. Well, his version of what it means to be a prepper or survivalist is vastly different from what I am and how I see the movement.

As a traditional Christian, I understand the spiritual dimension of what is going on in the world, and the need to "get out of Babylon." Babylon being the corrupt and unsustainable worldly system ruled over by the Evil One. And this may mean physically getting out of the big city as part of getting out of the worldly system. But it doesn't mean hiding from the world, and it certainly doesn't mean giving up and not trying to resist or change the increasing corruption of the world. 

As a prepper/survivalist, I understand that by becoming more self-reliant and less dependent on the worldly system, I will be less controlled by the elites and less exposed the dangers of their system. Therefore, I will be in a much better position to resist the worldly system and to effect change. We (preppers/survivalists) will also be denying the worldly elites the resources, opportunities, and influences they need in building their corrupt system. And by surviving any coming collapse, we will be in a position to help restore traditional America, traditional values, and even to build a better system for your children and grandchildren.

Want more on this topic? Check out my article Getting Out of Babylon! 

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