Saturday, March 3, 2018

Black, Olive-Drab, Khaki... But Don't Forget Hot Pink, Neon Orange, and Blaze Red!
Sometimes we need to be seen.

Black looks very tactical, and is hard to see at night. Same for olive-drab green. Khaki, along with grays, browns, tans, and other earth-tones are great for our "gray-man disguise." And we all love camouflage designs - be it woodland, digital, desert, or whatever. These seem to be the official colors of preppers and survivalists everywhere.  

In addition to being really neat, cool, and hip, all these colors and designs are great to help us stay hidden in the wild (camos) or at night (black), or go about unnoticed in civilization (the Earth-tones). We pick these for our clothes, shoes, belts, jackets, caps, bandannas, bags, packs, paracord, and even our duct-tape, so that we can be hidden and unnoticed.

Yet, it is a mistake to get all of our clothes, packs, and other gear in these "low-visibility" colors. There are times when we might want, even need, to be seen - to stand out and be noticed, rather than to be hidden. During those times we need colors like hot pink, neon orange, blaze red, and fluorescent yellow.

Maybe we are lost and/or hurt in the wilderness, needing rescue. Or  maybe we are on the rescue team and want to be visible to the one that is lost, as well as to our teammates. In such a situation, do you want to be wearing woodland camo, or neon orange?

Maybe we are camping, and need to mark a trail so that we can find our way back, or for others to follow us. Which would be the best color to mark the trail so it can be easily seen -  olive drab or hot pink?

You need to mark off a dangerous area. Perhaps its a patch of poison ivy or whatever. Would it be best to use black cordage, or blaze red?

Its dusk, and you're escorting some kids around your neighborhood on Halloween. Do you want to wear your gray hoodie, or something more noticeable? Maybe a florescent yellow hoodie?

Its the weekend, and you're taking the family hiking. Great fun and exercise for everyone. But, how do you want your family to be dressed in case someone gets separated? In trendy camouflage or in bright, easy-to-spot colors? 

Personally, most of my clothes, gear, and other stuff do fall in the low-visibility category, suitable for my gray-man disguise around town or staying hidden from the bad guys in the wilderness. But I do have some high-visibility colors ready for use when needed.

My bug-out bag includes a bright red bandanna, a small roll of orange duct tape, a safety orange t-shirt (I can either wear or wave to attract attention), and 50 feet of neon orange paracord. I also have a safety orange hoodie (in a bigger size so that I can wear it over another hoodie or jacket, if needed).

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