Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gun Safety for Kids

I was just made aware of this book today, which came out last week. I STRONGLY believe in the topic and want to make as many people aware of it as possible. Many - probably most - folks reading my website have guns. many also have children, grandchildren, or nieces & nephews. Guns are fantastic tools for self-defense and hunting. But, like many other types of tools, guns can be deadly dangerous if handled improperly. People, especially children, should learn gun safety.  

 Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children's Book About Gun Safety

Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children's Book About Gun Safety

 ***Yes. I am an Amazon affiliate, and if you purchase a copy of this book (or anything else) through a link on this website, I will make a (very small) commission, which is paid to me by Amazon, and costs you nothing (its the same price regardless). 


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