Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Long-Term Way to Protect the Second Amendment

There is an easy and fun way to protect the future of the second amendment over the long-term: Husbands, take your wives shooting. The more women who get into hunting and other shooting sports, the more secure the second amendment will be in the future.

Think about it. Wherever Mothers go, there go their children. The more that children are exposed to responsible gun ownership, and the safe & fun use of guns, the less fearful they will be of guns, despite the anti-gun indoctrination in our schools.

The future of the second amendment is being determined in the fight for the hearts and minds of children. The anti-gun activists know that the more fearful they can make children of guns while they are young, the more fearful they will be when they grow up. Fearful adults - who will be voters, politicians, bureaucrats, school administrators, teachers, and other positions of influence - will be easier to convince to do away with the second amendment and accept gun confiscation (the ultimate goal of gun control).

Have no doubt that the gun control crowd are already fighting hard to instill a fear of guns into children. Schools have enacted zero-tolerance policies that go way beyond banning the actual weapons from schools. Children are getting suspended, expelled, and sometimes even arrested for such absurdities as merely using the word "gun" in a paper, drawing a picture of a gun in art class, playing with a green plastic army man with a gun, biting a pop-tart into the shape of a gun, having a toy "bubble gun" that looks nothing like a real gun, and even holding their fore-finger and thumb into a gun shape while playing on the playground (no more playing cowboys and indians, or cops and robbers).

School officials understand the difference between a drawing of a gun and a real gun. They over-react to such an incredible extent not to discourage guns on campus, but to intentionally instill a fear of guns into students. Progressives know that if the current generation of students is afraid of guns, it will be easier to ban guns once they grow up.  

The best and easiest way to stop this intentional spread of the fear of guns into children is to get their mothers into guns. Take your wife or girlfriend to the shooting range. Take them hunting. Get them into guns. And the message will seep down to their children.


I'm not a woman, but I do have some common sense suggestions for how to get your wife or girlfriend into shooting: Be patient. Make it fun. Don't be an asshole, talk down to her, or make it into some macho thing. Don't take over and try to make decisions for her. Let other people help - you're probably the wrong person to teach her how to shoot, no matter how good you are. Take a class together. Don't take her shooting or hunting, instead go shooting or hunting together (an important difference). Let her progress at her own pace.

I would love to get suggestions from women on how to get women into shooting sports. Please leave suggestions in the comments section below. 


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