Thursday, October 1, 2015

Proof that preparedness is a waste of time? Lessons from a quiet September.

Most of this year saw a great and growing concern within elements of the prepper, survivalist, and conspiracy theory worlds about this Fall, and about September in particular. There was great concern among some that the various events happening in September would result in TEOTWAWKI. But, it didn't.

September has come and gone, without any major incident.
  • The anniversary of 9-11 occurred without any terrorist attacks or ISIS invasion in the US. 
  • The Jade Helm 15 military training exercise ended without martial law being declared, guns were not confiscated, no mass arrests were made, and no Wal-mart became a concentration camp.
  • Shemitah resulted in nothing cataclysmic happening.
  • The Blood Moon came and went without the world ending.
  • The Large Hadron Collider (nor any other physics experiment, for that matter) didn't blow up the world.
So, is it fair to say that the relatively calm September was proof that Preparedness is a waste of time and money? That preparing for The End Of The World As We Know It is only for nutjobs?

Of course not. There are very good reasons to continue to work towards preparedness - hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, economic problems, wars... History is replete with both everyday and major long-term disasters.

Besides, there are legitimate problems in the world today.*

When disaster does happen, and history proves that it will at some point, you are going to want to be as prepared as possible.

Lessons From a Quiet September
What should we learn from a relatively quiet September?
  1. Disasters are impossible to predict. Trying to predict that Disaster X will occur on Date Y is foolhardy. Sure, it is easy to do in hind-sight, which makes some of us think we can predict the future. But such predictions never work out, as September proved. The most we can learn form history that some disaster will happen somewhere at some point. History cannot teach us the details beforehand.
  2. Think logically, not emotionally. Fear, not reason and logic, was behind the elevated anxiety over September. Let reason and commonsense keep you alert to the possibilities, but don't let yourself get panicked by fashionable conspiracy theories or the latest in a long-line end-times prophecy. 
  3. Some folks push "fear-porn" for the money they can make off it. Take the Jade Helm fears, which were largely pushed by a small handful of  people who have built their careers (books, websites, radio shows) off frightening folks with their conspiracy theories. These folks claimed with absolute certainty that Jade Helm was a cover-up for NWO activities (martial law, gun confiscation, etc). They claimed to have inside information from folks who were in a know the TRUTH. Of course, they have now been proved to be wrong, and their so-called sources have been proved to be liars. Yet, somehow I think their careers will continue on, as many folks will continue to follow their discredited words with blind loyalty.
 What To Do Now

My best advice is to continue to prepare for whatever future disasters may occur, whenever they may occur. Preparedness is actually about survival, and to me survival increasingly means ending my reliance on the worldly system (unsustainable & evil) & following God's system instead. It means not just storing up enough food and other stuff to get me through the first few weeks, or even few months, of a disaster, but to develop the skills and resources I need to provide for myself, my family, and others, long after the stored supplies are consumed. It means the freedom to survive happily outside of the worldly system, largely unaffected by it no matter what may happen.

For more on this idea of getting out of the worldly system, see my articles Getting Out of Babylon! and Getting Out of Babylon! (part 2).

*The world's economy continues to teeter on the brink of collapse. China is experiencing a major slowdown. The US economy is doing worse than the "experts" are willing to admit. Much of Europe and the so-called Emerging Markets are already in recession. Economic freedom in the US, and around the world, continues to be impeded. Massive government debt levels in the US and around the world continue to grow. China is acting aggressively in the Pacific region. Russia is acting aggressively in parts of Eastern Europe and the Middle-East. Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons continues without much resistance from the rest of the world. ISIS remains an active threat. The Obama administration remains determined to pursue their failed "lead from behind" foreign policy, and their naive policies fostering military weakness. The world system is in chaos, and chaos makes disaster mush more likely.

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