Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tool Tip: Mini Sledge Hammer

Here is a quick tip for preppers, homesteaders, and other folks striving for self-reliance: Get yourself a 2.5 lb mini sledge hammer. For me, as a prepper and suburban homesteader, the mini sledge hammer has proven a number of times to be an extremely useful tool.

I was reminded this past weekend about the usefulness of this particular tool, as I used it to quickly and easily drive 18 tomato stakes and 24 pepper stakes into my garden. The mini sledge hammer was heavy and solid enough to do the job, while being small enough and light enough to be wielded with some agility and without too much effort. In the past I've used both regular hammers (too light to do the job well) and full-sized sledge hammers (so heavy and big as to be difficult to use and very tiring) to drive stakes into my gardens. The mini sledge hammer is perfect for the job.

I've also used my mini sledge hammer for tearing apart pallets and wood boxes, with lots of success. I suppose it could also be pressed into use as an improvised weapon if needed!

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