Friday, June 12, 2015

Tool Tip: 4-Way Sillcock Key

Here is a quick tool tip. Get yourself one or two 4-Way Sillcock Keys (they are only about $6 or so). Put one in your bug-out or survival bag and toss the other into the glove box of your vehicle. These  could prove invaluable

Most preppers may already know about sillcock keys, but many of those new to preparedness may not. Sillcock keys are used to open outside water spigots on commercial buildings, at golf courses, and some farms. These outside faucets don't have handles in order to prevent vandals from causing mischief by turning on and wasting the water. Having a sillcock key will give you access to these water sources.

Please note that the design of these spigots prevents using adjustable wrenches or needle-nose pliers to open them. You MUST have a sillcock key to access the water. Here is the Amazon link to the one I own (good quality): 

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