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Six-point Plan for Taking Back America

This article isn't about bemoaning the current state of affairs, or trying to explain how the Fall of America came about. Instead, it is a six-point plan for taking America back, restoring the freedoms and opportunities for which our Founders fought so hard.

Six-point Plan for Taking Back America

1-  Provide a Positive and Compelling Vision.

The first thing that we must do is to provide a positive and compelling vision for the America we wish to restore.  This step is needed because progressives have been very successful in convincing the masses that America is a land of oppression, that capitalism is corrupt and unfair, that private property equals greed, that freedom leads to injustice, and that traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs, values, and ethics are outdated, dangerous, and hateful. We must counter this false vision.

We have to explain to people the greatness of America, the brilliance of our Founding Documents, the superiority (yes, I said superiority) of traditional Western civilization, the need for Judeo-Christian ethics and traditional values. We must also defend free-market Capitalism, not just as the most effective economic system, but also as the ONLY moral economic system.

In America: Imagine a World without Her Dinesh D'Souza offers a passionate and sharply reasoned defense of America, knocking down every important accusation made by Progressives against our country.

In Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy Father Robert Sirico shows that a free economy actually promotes charity, selflessness, and kindness. He shows why free-market capitalism is not only the best way to ensure individual success and national prosperity, but is also the surest route to a moral and socially–just society. Additionally, he explains why we can’t have freedom without a free economy, and why charity works and welfare doesn't.

2 - Promote Self-Reliance

The more self-reliant we are as individuals, families, and communities, the less need we will have for government, and the less power the Elites will have over our lives. This is obvious to the progressives, which is why they have focused so much effort on attacking the concept of self-reliance (labeling it too hard, unrealistic, unfair, and selfish). They want us as dependent on government, and them, as possible. This is why the prepper community and the preparedness mindset is so important.

Want more information on self-reliance? Check out these articles of mine:

3 - Learn/Teach Real History, Real Economics, Real Civics...

Public education has been built for decades around twisted history, economics, and civics. Our Founders are largely ignored, except to point out their racism. The Constitution is presented as an outdated document, that must be reinterpreted for modern times. Capitalism is bashed as unfair and unjust, while communism, socialism, and Maoism are openly admired. Political correctness is in full control, as free speech is limited to a few small zones, if it is allowed at all.

We are not taught real history, economics, and civics. Therefore, we must teach it to ourselves, our families, and communities. Regaining this knowledge will better enable us to understand current events, Here are some resources to get you started:

#HistoryHub - A collection of the texts of various historical documents, speeches, and other primary resources, as well as additional history articles, history book reviews, etc.

Hillsdale College - A private, independent college (send your kids!) that is known for strongly promoting Constitutional-literacy and traditional Western heritage. It also offers a variety of free online courses for the public on the Constitution, history, economics, and Western Heritage. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter, Imprimis, which contains highly informative interviews each month.

Constituting America - A wonderful organization who "mission is to utilize the culture and multi-media outreach such as music, film, internet, and social media to reach, educate and inform America's adults and students about the importance of the U.S. Constitution and the foundation it sets forth regarding our freedoms and rights." 

Economic Literacy Resources - A list of books and websites that provide a pro-Capitalism perspective. 

4- Pay Attention To the News and Speak Out

The progressives are firmly in control of the main stream media. At best, they play up news stories that fit their ideology, and they ignore stories that don't fit their ideology. At worst, they distort and even lie to push an agenda. Add to that sorry state of affairs the fact that most Americans today lack the mental framework (see point 3, above) to understand what is going on in the world today, even if they wanted to (in reality, most folks are too distracted to care about staying informed).

Pay close attention to the news. Follow a number of news sources, both mainstream and alternative, domestic and international. Don't just follow those news sources you find comfortable, but rather follow a large variety. Use common sense and reason in analyzing current events. Develop a mental framework (learn Real History, Economics, and Civics) to put the news into context.

Next, speak out. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and fellow church-members what is really going on, and why it is important. Don't be afraid to speak out to our elected officials and let them you know what is really going on...

5- Get Out of the System

Don't participate in the Fall of America. Get out of Babylon! Get out of the system. Don't feed the Beast. Go Galt! Be in the world, but not of the world.

You need to do this to protect yourself and your family, so that you can survive the coming collapse (make no mistake - the new system that is being established by the Elites and progressives is unsustainable and will ultimately collapse). By getting out of the system, you also will be denying them resources, opportunities, and influences they need. But how can you get out of the system? Here are some ideas to choose from:
  • Get prepared for the worst that may happen (see my article A quick, no frills, down & dirty guide to preparing for the End).
  • Set up an off-grid homestead (or at least as off-grid as possible) in an out-of-the-way location.
  • Get you finances in order (see my article Prepping 101: Finances - Get Back to Basics).
  • Stop using credit cards and get out of debt. Separate yourself from the doomed financial system).
  • Simply your lifestyle and reduce your spending. Separate yourself from the system of rabid consummerism.
  • Cancel your cable or satellite TV. Separate yourself from our corrupt pop culture.
  • Homeschool your children, or at least send them to a good private or parochial school. Separate your family from the failed public school system.
  • Take care of your health. Learn about herbal and alternative medicine. Separate yourself from the failing healthcare system.     

6- Return to God/ Judeo-Christian Worldview

America was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics, values, and beliefs. A strong work ethic, the dignity of human life, traditional families, honesty, and common decency are absolutely necessary for a free society to truly function and survive.       

"Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time: They therefore who are decrying the Christian religion... are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments." --Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence 

"The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved Independence were the general principles of Christianity... Those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God." --John Adams, Founding Father and Second President

How do we do this? How do we get America to return to God?  First, start with yourself. Pray. Read the Bible. Start attending Church on a regular basis. Put God first in your life. Live life according to the Scriptures.  Be the man or woman that God wants you to be.

Next, lead your family and friends to God by your example and your words. Teach your kids to pray. Pray with your spouse. Have a weekly Bible study with your best friend. Invite your neighbors, friends, and co-workers to Church.

Finally, stand up for God. Don't be afraid of being publicly known as a Christian. Learn how to answer the questions non-believers have.  Learn how to answer the accusations of atheists.

Exposing Myths About Christianity: A Guide to Answering 145 Viral Lies and Legends, by Historian Jeffrey Burton Russell, exposes and rebuts many of the misconceptions, distortions, and outright lies about Christianity told by atheists and others.

In What's So Great about Christianity, Dinesh D'Souza answers the anti-God arguments of prominent atheists and defeats them on their own terms. He provides believers with a tool kit for meeting the challenge from modern atheism and secularism; and for nonbelievers, he offers a compelling apologetic that will challenge their assumptions and affirm that there really is something great about Christianity.

Final Thoughts

It took a century for the progressives to destroy America. Don't expect to take back America in a few months, or even a few years. This will be a mufti-generational effort. 

I think a collapse of the current system that the progressives have established will - must - collapse under its own weight. It is simply unsustainable in the long run. When will it collapse? I don't know. Soon, I think. Months. Maybe a few years at most. Definitely within my lifetime. We need to be ready to survive the collapse, so that we can help rebuild a new America on the blueprint our Founders gave us. If we do this, America will be restored to its former greatness. If we don't, our freedom will be lost forever.

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