Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Knife Review: SOG Jungle Primitive

While doing yardwork yesterday, I decided to try to cut down a 13-foot tall, 4.25 inch diameter, pine tree with my SOG Jungle Primitive machete knife. I am still stunned by how quick and easy the Jungle Primitive was able to do the job. I also used it to trim the branches off the fallen pine, and cut down a number of smaller bushes. The blade remained undamaged and the edge quite sharp.

I was impressed with the Jungle Primitive out-of-the-box when I bought it in 2013. But I really hadn't put it to a full test until yesterday. Now that I have seen it in action in a heavy-duty test, I am even more impressed with it. I have to give it five out of five stars for its intended purpose as a machete knife.

The total length of this full-tang knife is 15.3 inches, with the blade being 9.5 inches long. The blade is partially serrated and has saw-teeth on top, which work quite well. It is made of 8CR13MoV steel. The Kraton handle is well-designed and comfortable. The design of the handle, along with the choice of material and texturing, makes it unlikely to slip in your hand. The back end is designed to be used for hammering. The knife is relatively light, weighing in at only 14 ounces.

The SOG Jungle Primitive comes with a nylon sheath that is just okay (I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars), being a bit too tight, and the side pouch is not as well designed as some I've seen.

Machete knives are used primarily to deal with vegetation (brush, vines, tree limbs, saplings, etc.), and as such are intended to be relatively thin allowing for ease of cutting and a certain amount of flexibility in the blade. This is not a design flaw, nor does it mean the knife is flimsy or weak (as a few Amazon reviewers have erroneously suggested). Let me emphasize that this knife is a very solid, well-made, rugged knife that stands up very well to heavy use.

Also, the knife is indeed full-tang (one Amazon reviewer incorrectly stated otherwise).

I am very happy with my SOG Jungle Primitive, and highly recommend it to anyone into homesteading, camping, hiking, or otherwise spending time outdoors. You can buy it through Amazon.com for around $35.00.