Saturday, November 29, 2014

Review: Condor Bushlore
I've owned my  Condor Tool and Knife Bushlore (4.375-inch drop point blade, with walnut handle and leather sheath) for almost two years now, and I absolutely love it. I think it is a fantastic heavy-duty bushknife - what some might call a "beater." Mine came quite sharp out-of-the-box (but not razor-sharp) and has retained its edge very well. I have this knife in my main survival (BOB) pack.

Overall length of the Bushlore is just over 9 inches. The full-tang blade is 1075 carbon steel, 2 mm thick. The leather sheath that comes with it is very thick, high-quality leather, well-stitched and proving to be quite durable.

I would highly recommend this to any prepper or bushcrafter without hesitation. It is currently (Nov. 16) available from Amazon for about $50 with FREE shipping (price subject to change at Amazon's whim).

Here is a video review of the Condor Bushlore by a You Tuber I recently started following (be sure to check out his channel).

Condor Bushlore Knife Review Survival Gear by Survival On Purpose

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