Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pocket Dump - My EDC

I thought some folks might be interested in what I carry on me everyday, so that I can hopefully "be prepared" for whatever life throws at me.

First, let's start with what I wear: my clothes on a typical day are cargo pants, a plain short-sleeve shirt in summer or plain sweatshirt during winter, and a pair of hiking shoes. If needed, I will wear a plain hoodie or heavier coat. The ideas behind the way I dress are: 1) comfortable, ease-of-movement; 2) rugged; 3) practical, utilitarian; 3) not flashy or eye-catching; 4) not likely to attract attention by appearing as if I have money, or appearing as if a bum; and 5) fits in fairly well with what locals are likely to wear.

Now, for the pocket dump:

Click to enlarge

On my belt, I always wear my Leatherman Fuse Multi-Tool. Basically, if I'm wearing pants, I have it on me. I bought it years ago for about $40. I've thought about upgrading to the Leatherman Charge TTi, but the expense has stopped me so far.

On my left wrist, I wear a cheap ($10) watch I got at Walmart. I've had it for more than a year, and it keeps surprisingly good time. I have more expensive watches, which I might wear on very special occasions, but typically prefer the cheap watch that won't attract attention, and if it gets busted, who cares - its only $10. 

In my right front pocket, I carry my Maxpedition Urban Wallet, and several quarters. I front-carry my wallet because it is much more difficult for a pick-pocket to steal from a front pocket than a rear pocket. I often, but not always, carry my Cold Steel Voyager XL Vaquero folder for self-defense (click here to read my review of it). 

In my left front pocket, I carry my Swiss Army Knife, "Hiker" model.  I also carry my keys in this pocket. On my key chain, I have my keys, a Gorilla Drive flash drive (I encrypt my files on it with Rohos encryption software), a Gerber Shard mini pry bar (with screwdrivers and bottle opener), a very loud whistle (don't remember what brand), and an Energizer key chain flashlight. 

In my right cargo pocket, I carry my cell phone (not pictured), my personalized organizational system (some index cards held together with a binder clip), and a pen. 

In my left cargo pocket, I carry an Energizer LED pocket flashlight (58-lumens), and a Maxpedition micro pocket organizer (I'll cover the contents below). I love the flashlight because it gives off good light while still being the perfect size to carry everyday in my pocket. 

Click to enlarge.
The Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizier

I use the pocket organizer primarily as a personal first aid kit, with a couple of other items , too. On the outside pocket, I carry a couple of individually wrapped Wet Ones, useful for cleaning hands before eating, but can also be used to clean other things. The first aid supplies include wound care items (alcohol wipes, iodine wipes, a couple of packets of triple antibiotic ointment, several sizes and styles of bandages, and a small pack of quick clout), tweezers (for removing bee stingers, ticks, splinters), insect sting relief, benedryl caplets, asprin, advil, aleve, and  a couple of packets of electrolytes to add to water.

Also in the kit is an emergency twenty-dollar bill, a small roll of duct tape, a couple of six inch strips of orange duct tape, a Eat-N-Tool by CRKT, a pair of fingernail clippers, a brass 3-inch safety pin, and a Leatherman Style CS Multi-tool (a great pair of folding scissors).

Yes. Everything pictured fits easily into the organizer, with a little room to spare.

Items Not Pictured  

My sunglasses are with me constantly. I also wear a Celtic Cross on a chain around my neck.

I am planning on making a number of changes to this set-up in the coming weeks, and will do another pocket dump after I've settled on my new EDC for a few weeks. I want to test out the new set-up first. 


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